60. >_> - by JimmyWolk
[16.09.13, 20:35]
A little update - obviously the next chapter still hasn't started yet, and I'm still not sure when it can. I didn't really get to do much at all recently, so I still only have about a third sketched (it may be again going to be the longest yet, but not by that much to make up for it). I've been contemplating on starting before I'm done with the entire sketching/layouting, but then we'd likely have a longer break in between, which I'd prefer to avoid. I'll may go for that if it'll seem like it'll just take way too long though. Hope you can be patient with me... ^^;

In other news, Ereiam's French translation of T2t is up to chapter 7 by now. And for those who'd like to have the story compiled into a PDF file, you can get one here, provided by kino. Thanks again! :)


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59. Caught! - by JimmyWolk
[28.06.13, 21:25]

And it's not even hers! After all, it took a few more days until T2t...

But yeah, it's actually been ten years today since I put "A(n) Happier World" up on ff.net, marking my first contribution to the fandom. Not sure though if it really counts as a proper anniversary, given my long breaks... ^^;

Speaking of which, I had hoped to do a little more than a quickly thrown together pic for this occasion, ie. starting the next AcL chapter. However, my recent move got in the way big time, especially by eating up the few days of vacation I had planned. I thought about throwing up a cover page anyway, but since it'll still be a bit until I can start proper, it probably would have been a bit too much of a tease. Nonetheless, I did finally get the script going at least, currently trying to round it up. Not sure how fast that'll go (especially since I'm not entirely happy how the last part turned out so far...) and I would still have to do the sketching and get my usual head start... So I wouldn't want to promise anything I might not be able to keep... but with a very, VERY big maybe... in about a month...? (Don't hold it against me if I don't make it, pwetty please...? >_>)

Anyway, thanks again for the last 10 years! Thanks to all the pre-readers I had over the years, trying to correct my shoddy writing (only to get all to often ignored :p). Thanks to the translators, who got these stories out to an even bigger audience (speaking of which, klasnic recently got the Spanish Ikaris 6 out). Thanks to everyone who liked my stuff enough to do their own spin-offs, references, fanart, etc. Thanks to everyone who spread the word about these stories, recommending them to others. Thanks for every kind review, comment and mail to keep me motivated.

And of course, thanks for your patience. :p


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58. New news - by JimmyWolk
[31.03.13, 20:36]
Sadly, not much to report on the AcL front. However, credit where credit is due, so I'd like to promote a new translation: Ereiam has started on a French version of T2t! So if you can, give it a read. :)

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