63. Still alive - by JimmyWolk
[23.08.16, 18:25]
First and foremost, sorry if you thought this update finally meant the start of the new chapter. But yeah, I basically just wanted assure everyone that I'm still alive (though I did have a bit of a medical scare, but nothing was found, so hurray?) and I haven't forgotten about this.
However, that brings us to my second apology. I said on the last page of chapter 4 that I didn't want there to be another year of waiting time, and, well, it's getting quite obvious that it'll be even more than that. -_-
In fact, I'm not even that much further than I was back then. I'm pretty certain now that I'm going to do the trip to Germany next and did have a couple more ideas for it, but it's still not really enough for an entire chapter. I'll see to at least put them down soon, and who knows, maybe the rest will come to me while doing so. Or I'll eventually just say "screw it" and it'll be just the bunch of unconnected scenes that it is currently in my head. But either way, I'm afraid I'll have to make you wait a bit more. :/



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