Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by Seppuku
1st!! ... I think :)

Well, needless to say that i love your stories and hopefully i come to work on the german translation again (i'm a lazy one ^^)

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by b123sedg
I love your fic's and I want to read more so please hurry up man, but no pressure on you and so till next time se ya!

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by alucard3000
Wow, it's been a while since I found a fic that had this charm that keeps you hooked, I hope you continue this GREAT story, seriosuly, I expect it to become a classic among other great fics out there about Evangelion. The way you develop the story and the characters are excellent but please, update soon!!! ^^

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by M44573r
A very, very nice one.
My appreciation for your englsih skills, as well.

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by b123sedg
I just want to ask something? are you really going to make people wait a mounth for chapter seven?, if so could you do me a faver and send me a pre-readers copy of chapter seven of T2t (in english) to my yahoo account which is b123sedg@yahoo.com. I know this is to much to ask but my birthdays comming up and it would be most appreseated if you would do this for me but if you can't then its ok.

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by klasnic
I like your fic a lot.It┤s the best fic about what happened after the Third Impact that I┤ve never read.You are the best.

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by ReMixed
Way cool and original!!!! I'm beyond addicted to T2t... I've never, in all my years of fan fic reading, have seen one thats so well written and original.. Keep up the great work:-D

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by ReMixed
Way cool and original!!!! I'm beyond addicted to T2t... I've never, in all my years of fan fic reading, have seen one thats so well written and original.. Keep up the great work:-D

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by ()
The wait is driving me insane!!!! T_T i need T2T before the 2nd impact happens next month... lol, no rush, just soooooo wanting to read the oh sooo cool book...:-D take cares and still looking forward to the next chapter T_T 74%

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by Derek
I just hope that it will be a happy ending
because this story is the best on the entire net
in my opinion.

I and it will be a real shame and a big dissappoiontment to be let down by a sad ending

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by Derek
and what I mean by a sad ending is if asuka and shinji end up dying or if only one of them dies and the other if left to grieve

or if they end up not being able to change much of anything big like prevent 3rd impact

im a WAFF kind of person so i like happy endings :)

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by Joseph Gray
I LOVE IT !!!! I LOVE IT!!!! you broke my heart

Chapter: try-rev
09.06.08, 20:26 by Clockworkchaos
Very well done, I loved the parallels and differences the second time around. The even chapters were also some of the most charming things I have ever read, keep up the good work!

Chapter: try-rev
05.07.08, 04:01 by Derek Walter

Chapter: try-rev
17.07.08, 07:53 by JMB
Very good fanfic. as for the page I suggest you to put son buttons or links to go to the next page at the end of each chapter.


Chapter: try-rev
21.08.08, 18:04 by Bard's Soul
Awesomeness! I've been following 2nd Try for a while and it truely is great!

I'm sorry I didn't review as the story progressed, but if I were to try and do that now, I feel that it would just be a waste of space.

Anyway, wanted to review "Aki-chan's Life." Great idea, doing a doujin follow-up, brings in a nice combination of mediums: art, writing, coding, etc.

Really funny so far, so keep it up! One constructive crit, though: your action (ie body movement, running, etc.) seem a little forced artistically. I don't have any real suggestions for improvement other than to keep drawing and try quick sketches of people in motion in real life. It forces you to do less detail and focus more on body shape, etc.

Other than that, sweet!

Chapter: try-rev
30.03.09, 21:41 by Alexys
Hi there.

I want to gratitude you for this great story.
This is one of my Fav-FF.
Actually I am done with the 5th chapter of the German edition.
I am looking forward to read the remaining chapters.

See ya.

Chapter: try-rev
18.05.09, 09:55 by Karrde
Probably my favorite Eva fanfiction. Stellar work, and definitely of a high enough quality to be published work. If you ever do write a novel... Well, I'd buy it.

Chapter: try-rev
18.06.09, 00:49 by Derek
Maybe he can strike a deal with anno or something and the story made into a real manga? would be awsome! XD

of course that is prob not going to happen I mean eva is very nit picky, and since anno is busy with rebuild, which personally I still think sucks since they changed Asuka's last name and it might turn out to be more heartwrenching than the original and more confusing.

but still I would wish jimmy here all the luck in the world if he actually chose to try and get this turned into a real manga or something.

Chapter: end
21.07.09, 21:32 by Agentomega
Absolutely brilliant fic... I nearly cried sometimes, and always found a grin firmly planted on my face (usually) coinciding with one of a character. It was emotionally pleasing, and the plot was most excellent.

Chapter: try-rev
13.01.10, 04:17 by Phoenix7
This is...beautiful. It's heartwarming, it's fun to read, it's funny; simply incredible. There were even moments that got the tears going...

Quite frankly, I'm amazed how End Of Evangelion turned out so happily (whisperingly, I think I like this version better).

Anyhow, phenomenal work! And I will also cast my vote along with the rest: if you could somehow get this published, I'd buy it!

Chapter: try-rev
26.03.10, 14:34 by Seppuku
Finally I finished t2t.
I have nothing else to say than: beautyfull and perfect! :) Thank you!

Chapter: end
14.07.10, 20:10 by Leon
Wonderfull one of the best storys i have ever ridden and it's a better ending for Evangelion ;)

Chapter: try-rev
24.07.10, 05:38 by iCards
This was a very well planned and executed story. Once I started it I was hooked, and all the themes of the story were played to near perfection. Personaly, I really enjoyed the post-apocolyptic building of family, and Rei's interaction with Aki as well as the revelations caused by it.

Chapter: end
27.07.10, 11:55 by SamJaz
It wasn't the best written story I've ever read, but I felt it during the many emotional bits. Some lines were oddly... rigid, as if they were being read by a script instead of being said by a character, but it didn't affect the emotional depth too adversely.

Good Job

Chapter: try-rev
29.10.10, 12:08 by kfz versicherung vergleich
I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

- Kris

Chapter: try-rev
31.10.10, 19:10 by KM
Amazing! It moves the heart! You should put it in fanfiction.

Chapter: end
04.01.11, 20:04 by Dieter "die-yng" Nagy
I absolutely enjoyed it. It was wonderfully written for a fanfic (I read enough published stories that don't come near it). Maybe one or two lines of dialogue might seem a bit arkward, but that ia arguably rhe hardest to write anyway.

While the tragedy of what Asuka and Shinji have to endure is part of what I like about NGE, I wouldn't think of myself as a real fan if I didn't wish for them┬┤to get through the experience with less harm.
And the two of them certainly would have deserved a happier ending (even if we can hope EoE's ending will give them a chance of happiness.

And last but not least, finally a story where I didn't have to suffer the mistreatement og the german language :-))

Thank you for this story.

Chapter: try-rev
04.01.11, 20:14 by Dieter "die-yng" Nagy
And here I go mistreating the english language in my previous comment.
Just this to add, I definitely would 've wished for as waffy an ending as this.

In the notes to one of the earlier chapters you refer to A/S being OOC, I don't think so really. I think there are a few scenes in NGE where one bold step by eiter Asuka or Shinji could have bridged the gap.

Chapter: 12th
24.03.11, 00:09 by Joe Bob
There are quite a few grammatical mistakes here as well as sentences that don't flow smoothly. The story is good, but you need to work on the small things like this to make it really enjoyable.

Chapter: try-rev
22.10.11, 08:49 by Emiliano
Rocked me down to my foundations. The whole of it. Whatever gods there may be, curse them all for not making this AWESOME stuff any longer.

Tear Jerker + Crowning moment of awesome + The Power of Love = this.

On to the manga now. :)

Chapter: love
11.03.12, 17:06 by Cyberchao X
Absolutely wonderful. I didn't think they were OoC at all; it seems very much like them, actually.

Chapter: 14th
11.03.12, 17:38 by Cyberchao X
Wow. That's...definitely something. I had briefly thought about that, but now that I'm directly thinking about it...in the post-TI world, Shinji and Asuka are basically another Adam and Eve, aren't they?

Chapter: bear
11.03.12, 21:14 by Cyberchao X
You actually started referring to Aki's gender before the point where she's officially born. The final pregnancy log still has her gender unknown, but by the end of the next section, you've given her a gender.

Chapter: end
24.03.12, 10:31 by CyberSkull
I enjoyed the fic a lot. A good ending for Eva, even though it seemed like they should have worked just a little harder for the happy end.


Chapter: repeat
29.05.12, 06:53 by Squidley
Not going to lie but hearing the line about "Not asking questions for answers you do not want" reminded me of the third MIB film I saw this morning. same line...

The time jump does not help stop it, either

Besides the point, This story has hit me right in the feels... and I am so glad to have read it

Chapter: end
26.07.12, 12:11 by Malaya
Wow... I find myself coming back to this story after more than one year. Very sweet T^T

Chapter: bear
23.08.12, 03:07 by Ren
"No its not, idiot!"

I have never laughed so much at such a tense scene before.
I really love this! I can't wait to read the rest, I've been hooked the past few days since I came from TV tropes~

Chapter: try-rev
01.02.13, 19:16 by Gurgi
The first part was VERY close to what I imagine the writers of the show would have done if they had to continue the story, and the ending was adorable!

Chapter: love
10.04.13, 14:34 by Lavender
I just discovered this a few days ago and I'm really enjoying it so far.

Just a little nit-pick though, the classification for the DVD would have been PG12 (Or even just 12) and that still encompasses a large amount of material and very well could have included nudity and 'low level' sex scenes.

That is, of course, assuming that the Eirin system didn't change between 2nd and 3rd impact.

Chapter: raise
12.04.13, 08:28 by Lavender
I really like how it's going but to be honest, I much prefer the pre-3rd Impact chapters over the post-3rd. Although Aki has altered the game somewhat, they remain the slower chapters.

Chapter: 17th
12.04.13, 17:34 by Lavender
And so Tabris is responsible for the time-reset?

Does he love Shinji that much?

Chapter: end
12.04.13, 19:19 by Lavender
I really enjoyed this story.

There are points that I have personally problems with, (Jet Alone's almost Deus Exed role, whilst fun was a little out of left field and didn't seem to serve a purpose then to give Touji and Rits something to do) but on the whole I found it a nice heart-warming conclusion to one of the larger influences in media of my teenage years.

Thank you for this entertaining read these past couple of days.

Chapter: 12th
23.09.13, 16:02 by Ataximander
Been reading and re-reading this piece a long while now, real good stuff. Would like to note images are missing.

Chapter: try-rev
11.10.13, 06:23 by sonofhades
Just finished this story. And I honestly think it's the best Evangelion fic I've ever read. Beautiful characterization, all of the feels, great action. It's the whole package. Thank you for this.

Chapter: try-rev
31.10.13, 07:25 by R.D.
I've read a LOT of Evangelion fanfiction.

And this is easily the best NGE fanfic I've ever read.

Chapter: love
06.05.14, 03:56 by lost compass

no idea what that means but it is throughout the entire series

Chapter: love
06.05.14, 06:47 by Jimmy
Hm, it's code for a certain kind of "-". Not sure why it's not getting resolved properly.

Chapter: 13th
08.08.14, 10:32 by CelticViking
Going by my own memory, the actual 13th Angel's "core", so to speak, was a different colored lump centered around the entry-plug's insertion point. But that's just my recollection. Meh, I'm enjoying this either way.

Chapter: love
09.08.14, 20:30 by CelticViking
There is artwork at the end? And...it is missing...

Chapter: love
10.08.14, 14:33 by Jimmy
Huh, thought I had fixed all pics. Anyway, fixed now (also that &ndash thing).

Chapter: love
11.08.14, 04:46 by CelticViking
Don't ya just love it when even years later, people are still reading your junk and still give a damn about seeing the supplemental material (TEH ARTZ)?

(Not to mention finding out that years later, the author is also still around. So many abandoned things out there....so, so many...(guilty))

I'm actually up to Chapter 6 now, but I just want to say, I have REALLY enjoyed your work. And even though there are still a /few/ mistakes here and there with the use of English, it's all been so minor as to not matter to me. (I like that you have Asuka using German from time to time, though even as much as everyone seems to hate the old dub, I keep mentally substituting some lines because they are just so ingrained into my memory XD )

You've also pretty much single-handedly made me come back around as a fan of Asuka's character. It's been a while since I gave this show as much serious thought as when I last watched any of the material, but some random flashbacks to reading "Aki-Chan's Life" got me thinking about this site again and I decided to finally read 2nd Try. Now I'm browsing the Eva wikis and analyzing the characters again. When I think about it, there is a lot that people tend to miss; even I failed to fully reason-out what drove Asuka's behavior and how much of it was just a bullcrap facade she created to disguise her real self (while Rei had jack-all clue what her "real-self" was) and avoid getting hurt. Looking back, whenever she's too tired or becomes unstable, it falls to the wayside and she starts to seem just like the quieter characters (even her volume changes). Your narrative and dialogue really illustrated this in a way that makes it more clear. Nice job man.

(When I first saw Evangelion years ago, I was close to Shinji's age in the series, and I found him somewhat relatable in certain respects. The darn cello conversation with Asuka springs to mind when I consider it...this is not a good thing. :/ )

Now, let's see...Eva folder...click save...there we go.

Chapter: 16th
21.08.14, 17:07 by CelticViking
Really? I'm the first to comment on another chapter that has been around this long? Wth?

Alright, I've been reading these in doses, so I'll just summarize my thoughts. I'm still enjoying your changes to the plot, even though I might disagree on some aspects of characterization. At this point, of all people, it's Gendo. I dunno, maybe my memory is just fuzzy, but the EoE revelations and some other canon (I forget where from, his reaction to 2nd Impact), stand out to me along with his usual reputation as the mascot of Manipulative Bastard. This far in, I'm not yet sure what to make of him. But I guess the final verdict has to wait until everything comes crashing down in the finale.

I do agree with the portrayal of Rei however. It makes sense, to me at least, that Rei I, II, and III really are the same person. The continuity of her role as a lifeboat for Lilith is confirmed, we know that her soul is transferred, and her memories remain 'mostly' intact except for the immediate events up to her death. It also makes sense in light of other details, like how these facts affect Gendo's scenario.

Now, the way they did this in Rebuild on the other hand...HOO BOY...

Also, uh...the artwork is missing again. I forget if others were as well, but, uh...yeah.

(Yes, I really am going around saving them and making reaction shots out of cuts from the comics...I'm weird like that.)

Chapter: 16th
21.08.14, 17:26 by Jimmy
Gah, didn't even remember I had a pic here. Fixed now, thanks. ^^;

As for the lack of comments here, I think that has more to do with most people having read/commented on this on fanfiction.net. ;)

Chapter: try-rev
15.04.15, 06:42 by SomeRandomPerson
Great story. Just awesome

Chapter: try-rev
04.07.15, 08:37 by Jaren
Quite possibly one of the greatest things I've ever read. I hope to see more from you!

Chapter: 14th
15.08.15, 03:39 by guy
They are not, as said by bot Rei and Yui, humans can go on living if they want to if Shinji rejects instrumentality

Chapter: 13th
27.09.15, 05:27 by emma
The fighting scene was really cool, I was even clapping my hands! Were the old couple really old Asuka and Shinji? I guess I doubt it, but it would be interesting.

Chapter: try-rev
15.01.17, 22:11 by Mr. Potatohead
Just finished my 3rd read-through, and I can honestly say this is probably my favorite Evangelion fic.

Great work, Jimmy.

Chapter: end
10.02.17, 02:24 by Kargack
Just wanted to write and say thank you for this fiction, ACL, and of course that cutie Aki herself :)

I confess I'm a big old sook, who even back in the 90s wanted Shinji and Auska to get their happy ending after all the crap they had to go through and put up with.

So yes I'm one of those who thought the ending of the tv series had about as much appeal (to me at any rate) as what comes out of one after eating a dodgy vindaloo for dinner.

Heck I was even ready to give Rebuild a chance in hopes of perhaps getting a better ending, ( coincidently was never really bothered by Asuka now having an eye patch, but thats mostly cause I'm willing let some things slide provided we avoid another bloody ending like that) However, as I have an almost Star Wars like 'bad feeling about this...' that it too is going to turn out to have a similar cluster f#%* ending as well.

I cannot then, say how much we owe you Jimmy for this life preserver that you have provided us with. Reading and now re-reading this fiction and ACL are even now aiding me in there own way, of having this nice stuff to look forward to reading when I get home, in getting through one of the hottest miserable summers here of my home in Australia in 100 years. (Nary a day below minimum 30 degrees Celsius)


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