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The 2nd try

Chapter 5: The 14th

When he opened his eyes, the first thing Toji saw was an unknown, white ceiling. Faintly, he could hear a voice on the other side of the door, telling someone something about only being allowed to visit for five minutes. After another younger voice agreed, the door went open and revealed a brunette girl, still clad in a green and white school uniform, going directly, though with respectful speed to the chair next to him.

He blinked a few times with his still tired eyes, even though he quickly had a good idea of who the newcomer was, as soon as she had entered.

"Hikari?" he asked hoarsely, seemingly startling the visitor a bit.

"Suz... Toji," the pig-tailed girl corrected herself and couldn't fight the faint blush on her cheeks. "I'm sorry I wasn't aware that you were awake already. Are... are you okay?"

"Yeah," he smiled weakly. "I guess I'm still alive."

"Well, you... you have slept one day..."

"One day, huh? I feel like I could sleep for a day more or two..." Toji mumbled, before he returned his attention to her. "And why are you...?"

"Oh, I'm just here because of my duties as class representative, nothing else," she answered sheepishly, a big innocent smile on her face.

Toji mirrored her grin knowingly. "Yeah, I know..."

"Yes, I guess so..." Hikari whispered.

A short moment, filled with a silence of uncertainty, passed between them and slowly their smiles faded, as their minds wandered back to the recent events.

"Do you know what happened?" Toji eventually asked. "To the EVA, I mean?"

"Ikari destroyed it..."

"Shinji...?" he wondered, but soon smirked weakly, as he stared back to the ceiling. "Sometimes it's hard to believe how much of a fighter our shy, timid friend is. If I had seen him in the EVA before I met him in school, I'm not sure if I would have even dared to hit him back then..."

Hikari nodded in agreement, even though he couldn't see it. "But if you wouldn't have done that, you two might never have become friends..."

"Yeah," he concurred. "I guess sometimes something good can even come out of the biggest mistake..."
Toji fell silent again. For the first time, his gaze traveled down his body and took a wondering look at his treated wounds, especially his plastered arm and the leg that hang in some kind of device that held it up and kept it from moving too much.
"So... what is it with me?"

"From what I've heard, he and the others got you out before they attacked. I don't know exactly what happened, but it seems they weren't fast enough..." Hikari fell silent, as she noticed that she probably still sounded as if she would blame them for anything. But she was much too glad that nothing worse had happened to actually feel like that.
"Your leg and arm are broken," she eventually continued. "They say you'll most likely have to stay here for a few weeks."

"Weeks?" he asked with a hint of panic in his voice. The thought alone to be restrained to the bed for longer than a few days caused his stomach to twist. He was a person that needed to get out if he wanted to keep his sanity.

Hikari, however, seemed to find his fearful expression quite amusing. "It's not like your limbs are gone forever," she giggled. "In just four to six weeks you'll be fine and free to go where ever you want."

Toji groaned disapproving, but he felt too tired to argue any longer. He let out a sigh and returned his view once more to the girl next to him.
"So... if I don't get out here soon... Could you do me a favor?"

"Of course..."

"Could you tell my sister that I'm alright?"

"Sure..." Hikari promised nodding.
"I... I'm afraid I have to go now," she added after a short moment of silence. "I was lucky enough that they allowed me to visit you at all."

She had already risen from the chair and was halfway to the door, as Toji called out once more. "H... Hikari?"

"Hmm?" she 'asked', but didn't turn around completely in hope he wouldn't notice the blush on her cheeks.

"Thanks... For being here..."



"No, Kensuke..." Shinji sighed in the phone, "No, I don't know why they chose Toji instead of you... What? ... They won't let you visit him? Oh... no, no, I-I don't think I can do something for you there... Horaki can visit him? But isn't that because of her duties as class rep? ... Yeah, you're most likely right, that's a bit much just for that. ... No, I don't know if Asuka had something to do with that..."

He threw a glance from the hallway into the living room, where his redheaded companion lay on the floor and curiously looked up to him at the mentioning of her name. Not that she had really seemed to pay attention to the TV and the running family movie or whatever it was.

Shinji rolled his eyes as Kensuke continued on the other side of the phone. "A-ask her?" he shrieked in his best interpretation of 'nervous/scared Shinji'. "I... I don't know... She... she's been quite touchy lately ... Hey, why don't you ask her yourself? I could hand her the pho... Kensuke? Hello? Kensuke?"

Chuckling lightly, he ended the connection and placed the phone back on its receiver.  "I guess he'll never learn..." he muttered as he reentered the living room.

"I still can't believe I lost again!" the redhead mumbled out of nowhere. Again...

"Asuka, we're alone," Shinji yawned. "Misato left while you were taking a shower."

"So what?"

He gave her a curious look. It had been a while since he had seen her grumpy like this, at least without just acting it.
"You're not saying that you still take something like that so personal, are you?"

"And what if I do?" she grumbled and rolled on her side, turning away from him.

"Oh, Asuka..." He chuckled at her behavior. To think that she had once been the one who always thought of herself as mature, she sure had kept some childish attitudes even after actually going through adulthood.

Carefully, he lay down behind her, drawing her into a loose embrace. She tensed, but though it was obvious that she wanted to continue her sulking rather than to cuddle and relax now, he knew that she usually wasn't able to keep that attitude up very long.

"It's just..." The anger in her voice was already fading. "I was knocked out that easily! Again! I never even got the chance to fight properly. There I thought I could redeem myself and I... I..."

"He caught you as well as Rei and me by surprise," he assured her, running his hands soothing over her arms. "There's nothing you could have done. I'm sure you would have showed him who's boss otherwise..."

Finally a small laughter cracked through her mask of anger. She shifted around to face him and brought her arms around his shoulders.
"I hate it when you do that, you know?" she pouted, now playfully.


She shook her head, while slowly bringing it closer to his.
"That's the wrong text," she whispered. "You have to say 'I'm sorry'."

"Oh?" He grinned, leaning forward to meet her halfway, already feeling her breath on his face. "I'm sorry."

"Better..." She closed her eyes, just before their lips...

"I'm home!"

Both bolted up at the loud, cheerful call of the young voice; not in shock or fear, but in surprise and in a hope beyond reason. But no one was to be seen...

Asuka noticeably tensed when Shinji laid his hand on her shoulder. As she slowly turned around, he saw in her eyes, that the glimpse of hope, that had glowed in them just a few seconds ago, had been replaced by an utter sadness.

"It was just the TV..." she muttered. No emotion could have been defined in her voice.

"Yes..." He swallowed the lump of sadness in his throat, as he pulled her back in her arms. "Just the TV..."


It wasn't the first battlefield she saw and yet, the sight of these bloody, giant, human-like body parts still managed to send a shiver down her spine.

The cleanup-process had already begun, but it would still take a while to remove all of the EVA/Angel's remains. Heavy cranes and trucks were busy to transport the corpse away from the area. NERV-personnel were all over the place, blocking the streets from curious eyes. But none of them would have dared to stop her in her current mood, even if they wouldn't have recognized the Major.

"You're okay already?"

Ritsuko's rather rhetorical question didn't even startle Misato. Of course she was not 'okay'. Her physical wounds were clearly present, at least by the sling around her arm, and they would be for at least a few weeks. Not that her old friend looked that much better with the bandage around her head.

"It's alright as long as I can do my job. I can't take a break during this emergency situation." She sighed angrily. "I would have come even sooner if a certain Commander hadn't made the stupidest order of his career."

"I've heard about Shinji," the doctor commented. "And though his punishment may wasn't the most reasonable for outsiders, I think Commander Ikari had a point..."

"You're always at the site of that bastard, aren't you? What is this; a new game I haven't heard of yet? 'Let's see who can hurt Shinji the most' ? I..." A sting of pain in the arm stopped her trails, when she had moved to abruptly in her rage.

"Calm down already! You're talking as if he had been arrested or expelled from NERV completely!"

Misato sighed. "Sorry. It's just... he doesn't deserve it. He hasn't done anything wrong! It might have been much worse, if he hadn't tried to save his friend. He's risking his life for us again and again. And now that he finally shows a bit confidence in piloting the EVA, he isn't allowed to do it."

"I don't think he would care that much about missing a few tests..." Ritsuko chuckled.

"Well... maybe not..." Misato allowed herself an amused smile. "I guess you're right. But I still hope the next Angel doesn't show up these next weeks..."


Shinji bolted up in his bed. His heart was racing and he found himself coated in sweat, but the first shock was already fading.

Another nightmare...

It had been years since he last had one, but lately they came almost constantly, always mocking him with his loss, always telling him that all he was doing was for nothing. And always that monster that just wouldn't let him free.

With a loud sigh, he let him fell backwards on the bed again and shut his eyes, but he was still too upset to fall sleep again. Groaning somewhat annoyed by this situation, he tossed himself to the other side, just to roll back not even a minute later. Wearily, his view wandered around in the dark room until it fell on the luminescent letters of the digital clock.

4:36... And with his occupied mind and dry throat, there was no way that he would get his sleep very soon. But at least against the latter problem he could do something.

He shivered a bit as his sweat-soaked skin came in contact with the night's chill air, as he stood up and went to the kitchen. Since he didn't want to disturb the sleep of the penguin in his private refrigerator, he refrained from switching on the lights and silently got himself a drink from the other fridge that he drank hastily down.

But as he tossed the now empty can in the bin, he didn't really feel refreshed and by far not much better. It had been just another useless attempt to change something.

Head down, he shuffled back to his room. But as he passed the door of Asuka's room, he stopped as he heard a soft whimper. A sad sigh escaped his lips.

There was barely anything he hated more than this sound. It always reminded him how helpless he really was. But he couldn't blame her for crying. He often found his pillow wet from his tears as well.

For a while he just stood there in the hallway, neither finding himself able to get in her room to soothe her or to walk away and leave her alone with the pain.

Then finally, after assuring himself that Misato wasn't anywhere near to see him, he made a step towards Asuka's room. Careful and quiet, he opened the door. For an instant, he smiled at the chaos in her room. As long as it didn't concern her looks, she had always been the sloppiest of them; not even maturing had helped much there.

But the smile vanished as quickly as it came, when he saw her weeping form cringing on the bed.

With small quiet steps he went over to her, carefully avoiding the mess on the ground. She didn't notice him in her restless sleep as he sat down next to her.

He wanted to whisper soothing words in her ear; anything to calm her, but all he could think of would have been even more hurtful lies. All he could do was to lay his arm around her and share her pain. And so they wept silently together until he had to get back to his own room, before the next morning came to bring another day of repression and charades.


"She really said that?"

Hikari nodded with a big grin on her face at the sight of his stunned expression. "Her exact words were: 'That silly idiot of a big brother can be glad that nothing worse has happened to him, otherwise I would have killed him myself!' "

"That unthankful little..." Toji mumbled, but Hikari just mildly shook her head at the boy in the bed next to her.

"Don't play being so dense. You know exactly that she didn't mean it that way. She was just scared when she heard, that you risked your life just so she would get a better treatment. And regarding the progress she made, I'm sure she's very thankful for what you did for her."

The boy's face visibly lightened at her words. "So, how is the little brat?"

"Oh, she's doing fine. I wouldn't be surprised if she'll walk again sooner than you."

"I don't think so!" he exclaimed proudly and grinned back at her.

"Huh? What makes you so sure?"

"Because," he began softly, as he placed the hand of his good arm on hers and looked deep into her eyes in a way that send goose-bumps over her skin and a heat to her face, "she doesn't have the same motivati..."

He was harshly interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Before any of them could answer, it was thrown open by a red whirlwind, which dragged another person with it.

"I seriously hope we didn't interrupt anything..." a visibly disgusted Asuka grunted.

Though 'innocent', Hikari and Toji's faces went beet red immediately.

Fortunately for them, the boy who entered with Asuka interfered before the silence could become really awkward.
"H-hi, Toji," he mumbled. "Hello, class rep..."

"Hey, Shinji!" the jock thankfully accepted the diversion of the topic. "How're you doing?"

"Eh... Good..." Shinji said, obviously taken by surprise by the rather unreasonable question.  "But I-I actually came here to ask you that..."

"Me? Ah, I'm fine. You know... just lying in bed, eating, hanging around," he joked, referring to the device his plastered leg hung in.

"...Playing doctor with your girlfriend..." Asuka teasingly added to his list.

While another rush of embarrassment silenced Hikari before she could speak up, Toji just rolled his eyes this time.
"And what brings you here, Mrs. Lucifer? Missing me already?"

"Yeah, sure..." the redhead snorted.
"I'm just here because Misato didn't want her little Shinji go out alone," she added in a childish tone, ruffling Shinji's hair like that of a toddler.

"Asuka," he protested, blushing slightly in embarrassment. "That's not what she said..."

"Whatever!" she huffed and returned her attention to the invalid. "But since we're here now to grace you with our presence, how about a little 'thanks' for saving your sorry ass?"

Toji just looked disapproving at, or rather: through her. "Thanks, Shinji..." he eventually said, without changing his expression.

Asuka seemed about to snap at him, but Hikari's elbow was faster.
"Ouch!" he screamed out and rubbed the bandaged spot at his ribs, where she had hit him. "What was that for?"

But before she could answer this quite unnecessary question with more than a stern glare, Shinji decided to interfere once more. "She's right you know? She and Rei helped a lot to save you."

"A-hem..." Asuka drew his attention back to her, where he was greeted with a warning glare.

"Eh... of course Asuka was even a bigger help..." he quickly added.

"A-hem!" This time it was accompanied by a light slap against the back of his head.

"I... eh..." Shinji's shoulders dropped, as he sighed in defeat. "I mean, Rei and I helped her, of course..."


"N-not that she would have needed any help..."

"Sorry, Shinji." Toji grinned. "But I don't feel like thanking your wife, just because she henpecked you."


His eyes wearily wandered to his left from where the last sound came and was encountered with the disapproving glare of Hikari and quickly.

"Eh... I..." Letting out a groan, he looked up to the ceiling, pouting almost childish, as he quietly mumbled a "thanks for saving me..."

"Who's henpecked now?" Shinji muttered barely audible.

But inwardly, he just smiled gladly at the luck of his friend. He had wanted to visit him at least once and he had to do soon, before...

...before the sirens suddenly started to blare all over the city.

And while Asuka and Shinji unnoticed exchanged a knowing look, everyone else just knew: The next Angel was about to attack any moment.


Misato hurried through the corridor of the Headquarter only a few minutes after the alarm had started. The announcement to all personnel 'to take their battle stations and to prepare for surface to air combat' was repeated for the third time by now, but the sheer size of the Headquarters made the way longer than necessary. It took her some fumbling with only one available arm, but eventually she managed to pull out her cell-phone with her good hand and got a connection to the command-center.
"Katsuragi here. What's the status?"

"Major!" Hyuga's voice blared through the phone. "The Angel was spotted at Komagatake and it's doubtful that their defensive line can hold it off very long! This thing moves through our forces as if they weren't even there!"

"Okay, prepare the EVAs to launch! I've seen Shinji and Asuka hurrying towards the changing rooms! What about Rei? Is she ready by...?"

"Major," a cold voice cut her off.

"Yes, Commander?"

"Only the First and Second Children will engage the Angel. Unit-01 will sortie with the dummy-plug."



Despite the chaos around them, the whole command center watched in a shocked silence up to the seat of their Commander.

"Pilot Ikari is still suspended form his duty..."

"Sir, with all respect, this is not the time to enforce discipline measures!" Misato's voice echoed through the com.

"I will not repeat myself, Major!"

There was a short pause that tightened the atmosphere, until Misato replied with a weak "Understood..."

Ritsuko felt someone tugging at her lab-coat.
"But, Sempai, the dummy plug didn't even work last time," Maya whispered. "How can he risk everything to a system like that?"

"I know you were never very fond of the idea of the dummy plug," Ritsuko smiled wearily at her protege for a second, but it dropped as soon as she looked back again to the man sitting above them. "But for him, it's more personal. Once the dummy plug works, he won't need to rely on Shinji any longer. It's no secret that he isn't very... fond of his son and the last incident already gave him an opportunity to widen the gap between them. I do not doubt that as soon as Shinji has lost his usefulness, he will get rid of him. And I don't think I even want to know in which sadistic manner..."

"You almost make it sound as if he was afraid of his son," Maya commented, not even noticing the doctor's thoughtful frown.  

'It's just what he always does,' Ritsuko reminded herself. 'Maybe it's true. Maybe he's even the most frightened person in this room...'

The loud explosion remembered every one of the current situation and the deathly threat above them.

"First to eighteenth layers are damaged!"

"It destroyed eighteen layers of special armor so easily...?" Makoto uttered in shock and awe at the display of the destructive power of the incoming Angel.

"We won't be able to send the EVA's to the surface in time!" Misato exclaimed, the moment she stepped of the lift that carried her to the level of the bridge crew. "Position Unit-02 and 00..." She threw a quick glare up to the commander, "...inside the Geofront to protect the Headquarter! Let them attack the target as soon as it enters the Geofront!"


Just a few seconds later, the two EVAs awaited the 14th's arrival near the headquarters; armed with a standard riffle, but dozens of further weaponry like rocket launchers and prog-spears to their disposal. Asuka still remembered how she emptied one gun after another at the slowly downwards-hovering Angel. It had been like shooting a rock with a water gun.

She knew it better now.

But the fact, that firepower alone wouldn't help against this enemy, didn't mean it wouldn't be helpful at all.

Then, there he was. A last explosion let the whole Geofront tremble, as the Angel of Might started his descent towards his goal. But while Rei immediately started firing to stop the intruder from progressing any further, EVA-02 did not move at all.

"Asuka!" Misato's stern, as well as confused voice called through the com. "What are you waiting for?!? Take it out now!"

She didn't answer.
Instead she calmly watched her enemy, which didn't seem to be bothered by all the firepower directed on him at all. She remembered its sight all too well; with the huge green body and its seemingly puny and harmless limbs, the bright red orb in the chest, and the skull-like face that looked like it was grotesquely grinning; this all seemed to hide the deadly powers that waited inside of it to be unleashed.
But then, just before it touched the ground...

"Cover me!"

Before anyone could react, Asuka had dropped her weapon and made a sprint towards the Angel. She knew that Rei, being an experienced pilot, didn't think twice and moved to the side, forcing the 14th to concentrate on two different targets.

'I'll bring you down no matter what!'

But the Angel of Might didn't care about the stings of bullets nor did it seem to fear the quickly approaching red menace.

'I won't let Shinji fight you again!'

His arms, until now hanging useless in height of his shoulders, unfolded into what looked like long, paper-thin ribbons.

'I won't lose him too!'

And with an inhuman speed the arms flew into her direction, cutting razor-like everything that would stand in their way...

...but missed.


In the flash of a moment, Asuka didn't care any longer about holding back. She didn't care if the whole command went wild, seeing a synch-ratio that had been rivaled by her only once in another time.

In a swift movement, she evaded the deadly blade-like weapon and leaped at her attacker. The ground shook as the Angel was pushed into the earth by the impact and weight of Unit-02.

The surprise effect of her attack didn't work long. Just as Asuka wanted to strike at her opponent, the EVA was thrown back by the familiar orange flashing of the Angel's AT-Field. Tumbling backwards, she barely managed to catch her Unit from falling.

The Angel didn't let her much time to recover.

"Asuka! Watch out! Behind you!"

She didn't really need Misato's warning; it would have even been too late. The still 'outstretched arms' of the Angel were drawn back in a matter of milliseconds, missing her only by inches. If she wouldn't have moved in the last second, the EVA would have been slit in the half. But this maneuver couldn't save her Umbilical-cable. Asuka cursed as the timer of the internal batteries started while the energy-providing cable landed crashing on the ground, the electricity sparkling at its cut ends.

There was no way she could harm the Angel as long as he produced such a strong AT-Field. The energetic barriers clashed against each other, trying to overwhelm the opponent, but neither was willing to surrender.

Asuka gritted her teeth in concentration. There was no way she could lose! Her enemy might be strong, but not invincible! And if it was with the very last bit of energy her EVA had left, she would bring this monster down!

"Unit-02, stay back!" Rei's voice warned suddenly.

She didn't ask further, as she saw EVA-00 aiming with a heavy rocket-launcher at their direction. As soon as she jumped out of the way, Rei lost no time and fired.

The AT-Field weakened by the two Units and especially due to the close range battle of powers with EVA-02 allowed the missile to go through without any visible problems, seemingly hitting the red core directly.

"D-did we get him?" Asuka wondered aloud, trying to see something through the smoke that the explosion had caused.

But her answer came sooner than she hoped. The two arms shot through the smoke again, but passing her...

"Ayanami, watch...!"

Too late. Before Rei could evade, one of the blade-like limps cut off the arm that was holding the weapon right at the shoulder, the other pierced through the head of her EVA as if it was paper.

A horrifying scream of pain and agony echoed through the com.



Most people might have been surprised hearing Gendo Ikari so frantic, if they would have paid attention to it. Rei was supposed to stay in the back, just weakening the AT-Field, giving cover. And even with her 'substitutes' ready any moment, there seemed to be some reason for him to worry about her more than about all others, whenever she was in critical danger.

The only one, who seemed to notice the short, unusual outburst of the Commander, looked up to the command-deck above the EVA-cage from the platform leading to the remaining Unit. With every passing second, Shinji had to fight harder not to snap at the technicians, who followed the order not to let him to the Unit, while they were trying to start the dummy plug directly - without much success.

The more he heard through the speakers of the com, the more he felt the stings against his heart. It had been hard enough to stay in his role, when he was stopped as he arrived there after changing into his plug-suit, but now he was close to the edge to force his way to the entry plug.

What was his father thinking? Did humiliating his son mean so much to him, that he risked everyone's life for it? Or... could he actually want it to happen like last time? Was it that what he wanted to achieve?

The fear of this possibility gripped his heart. That was enough.



Asuka watched the timer again. Only 30 seconds left and EVA-00 was out. But she still would beat him. She had to. Otherwise...

Again, the Angel let her only time to react by instinct, as his arms slashed out once more. But just as she thought she had escaped the deadly blades, they lost their rigor and instead of cutting through her, they rolled back, wrapping around the EVA's wrists. With an incredible strength, the green monster lifted the red Unit up, holding the arms apart in an unyielding grip.


"Energy-{pike} detected! The Angel prepares to fire again!"


Asuka tried not to panic, as she saw the flickering of light in the Angel's eyes and mouth. She struggled to get her arms free with all her might, but to no avail, the grip was just too strong. But she wouldn't lose. She concentrated all energy she had left into her AT-Field...


"She's draining her power much too fast! She won't be able to block such firepower for long!"


"I won't lose! My mother protects me! Don't you, Mama?"


The concentrated power flashed.


"Cut down the connections!"


"I WON'T...!"




A mighty explosion rocked the Geofront.

A giant head went flying, after taking a direct hit of the enormous blast.

A huge red body, now limb, fell crashing to the ground.

And a young pilot cursed that she had failed again - and this time not only herself.


"EVA-02 is silent! Angel is approaching!" The warning echoed in the whole headquarters, including the EVA-cages.

"Dummy Plug still not accepted by Unit-01!"

Besides his cold exterior, Gendo inwards trembled in anger. He should have send Rei out with EVA-01. Even if some would have been displeased with the idea, that she should use Shinji's Unit when her own was perfectly fine and the Third Children available; no one would have actually dared to question his choice to give her the superior model.

Why didn't the dummy work? Akagi had assured that there was nothing wrong with the plugs themselves. The test runs with EVA-00 had been without complications.

Could it be true? Could it be...?



Only slowly he turned to the boy standing on the platforms of the EVA-cages below him.

"This doesn't work, can't you see? Let me pilot, before it's too late!"

"Why?" Gendo asked, typically calm.

For once, his son looked up to him without showing any fear. He actually managed a slight grin, as their eyes met.

"Because I'm the pilot of Evangelion Unit-01!"

And for once, as he faced the purple giant again, the commander's features softened for a short moment.
'You always got what you wanted, didn't you?'


Misato watched in horror how the Angel passed the now beaten and harmless Evangelions, ignoring them completely, as it went for its actual goal that lay right beneath them. The hastily started attack with conventional weapons, that was nothing more than a frantic act of their will to survive, showed no visible effect.

The monster's huge mass was all that filled the holographic screen, just before it went static. The ground shock stronger than any earthquake the Major had witnessed as the Angel fired its beam again, shattering steel and stone of the outer shielding layers of the headquarters.

A final explosion let all remaining hopes die.

"Direct hit on the third basement!"

"Oh no!" Misato exclaimed in panic at Makoto's report, knowing too well what this meant. "The main shaft was fully exposed!"

They had lost. Everything they had done so far, everything that they tried to prevent this moment had been proved useless. Now all that was left for them to do was to wait for their end.

But before the smoke could clear, a giant purple figure leaped out through the crate, tackling the Angel to the ground.

"EVA-01? Who...?" Misato asked, gazing in amazement at the revived screen. But instinctively, she already knew the answer. "Shinji, watch out! This thing is even tougher than it looks!"

"I know, Misato!"


"I know too well..." Shinji added under his breath, as he prepared for another jump against the Angel, before it could get up again.

He mustn't give him any chance to recover. This was a fight of sheer power. And this time being equipped with an Umbilical-cable and thus without being suspended by a time-limit, he actually had good chances to win - as long he didn't gave the other the ability to counter.

Punch after punch hit the distracted Angel, who didn't even seem to try to evade them. A sudden flashing told Shinji why. He jumped of his enemy as quickly as he could, before its beam-weapon could hit him with full force. Though he didn't lose his arm this time, thanks to his fast maneuver, it had cost him his hoped advantage. By now the green giant had used the time to get up again and he didn't even seem bruised at all; ready to fight back with all his might.

And the timer started its countdown.

Silently cursing, Shinji ejected the now useless remnants of the Umbilical-Cable to move more freely. He still had more time than in his first fight against the 14th Angel, but he had no more time for mistakes.

Like a rammer, he used his fully extended AT-Field as attack-shield while leaping at the Angel, who already prepared to strike again with his arms. There was a short flash of light, as the AT-Fields clashed, but Unit-01's sheer speed held a power, that was enough to send the 14th backwards. In a swift motion, Shinji managed to get a hold of both of the blade-like limbs that were fluttering aimlessly behind it. He screamed in rage, as he pulled at them with all the might his Evangelion would provide him. Another cry of pain answered him as he actually managed to rip one of the arms off.

Shinji lost no time. He let go of the limp arm in the EVA's hand and advanced once more. EVA-01's fist directly hit the Angel's morbid face. But instead of preparing for another punch, Shinji grabbed it tightly, while pressing the green giant back on the earth by pushing his feet in its abdomen.

The seemingly helpless Angel squealed, as its opponent tried to succeed where he had been stopped once. Shinji didn't care anymore about holding back; he just wanted to kill this thing that had caused so much pain and destruction once and now yet again. In this rage, he pulled at the mask-like face with the only wish to rip it off, before he would do the same with the rest of the monster. And the timer still showed more than a minute before his energy would run out.

The tendons and muscle-flesh that connected the skull with the body stretched like a rubber of flesh, but with each meter it grew thinner and thinner, until...

The EVA suddenly tumbled backwards as it finally snapped off. Shinji was shocked and relieved at the same time. With an almost sick satisfaction he crushed the remains in his hand, before he returned his attention to the body to do the same with the rest.

But the madman's grin was replaced by a look of fear, as the supposed corpse of the Angel stood up again. There, were the face had been, was a new, just slightly deformed replacement. With a growl, the monstrosity stiffened the stub that was the puny remnant of his arm and with tremendous speed, it suddenly shot out like a cutter, as if nothing had happened.

"It regenerates this fast?" Shinji shrieked unbelieving, but before he could react, the re-grown arm wrapped around the EVA's head. He tried to pull away and grab the restraining limb, but to no avail. It was a futile fight not to fall in panic, as his Unit was - seemingly with ease - lifted up and thrown through the air.

Shinji grunted in pain, when his EVA was slammed hard to the ground again and again; his mental connection to the machine making him feel every rock and tree that was split and crushed under 'his' back. Franticly, he tried to grab something to hold on, but roots and rubble were nothing that could withstand the Angel's power.

Then everything went black.

The sounds faded to a distant echo.

All he could feel were the tremors of the hits, partly reduced in the shielded, LCL-filled entry-plug.

The timer only showed zeros.

Shinji could only guess by the already reduced g-forces and the loud impact when his EVA was thrown up again and landed crashing against the pyramid-form of the headquarters.

The Panic, that raised in him from the depths of his primal survival-instincts, let him clutch the controls in his hands; pulling them futilely against better knowledge, as if it would need only enough of this movement to refill his gigantic weapon with energy to fight the monster, that audible exposed the EVA's core and pounded against it with its deadly arms.

But eventually Shinji slowed down and finally stopped. Tears of despair glimmered through his squeezed-shut eyes, as bitter logic regained upper hand over the last straws of hope.

Why? Why couldn't he kill it just like that? Why did it have to happen like this?
Was destiny meant to repeat itself after all...?

A faint sound, like a heartbeat, emitted in the entry-plug.

And Shinji smiled sadly as he felt his body dissolve into the LCL.

"Hello, mother..."


And while the berserk monster slashed out at his opponent to kill it and to ate his remains, annexing a power that went beyond anything it possessed; while a young woman vomited and her colleagues just stared in shock; while two conspirators pondered about the consequences of this beginning and while another man just seemed to water his patch of melons in the distance, a teenage girl wept silently for a loss she couldn't even see, but feel in her heart.


Kaji sighed as slumped on the seat of his desk. Katsuragi always complained about all the paperwork, but only few people would have imagine the amount of reports, files, and stacks of papers, a spy had to go through and answer - and the more of that, if he work for more than one side. It was just, that they usually avoided doing it until it flooded their workplace.

Still, he wasn't sure why he even bothered anymore. He knew that his 'part time job' had been discovered or better said: it wouldn't be tolerated much longer, as he somehow doubted that Ikari didn't know about it long ago. Maybe he already knew from the very beginning. And now that more and more events didn't seem to match his plans, his line of patience would grow thinner.

It might just be a matter of weeks or even days...

His eyes wandered to the computer screen, where a small status-screen showed the slow progress of encrypting and transferring the data he had managed to gather until now. He was so close by now, so close of discovering the whole truth. Only a few months more and he might have been able to accomplish his goal. But now it seemed it would be up to Katsuragi to find the remaining pieces of the puzzle.

He smiled sadly at the thought of the purple-haired beauty. It seemed like yesterday that they met in that bar, both still so full of naive hopes and dreams.

'What was it name again?' he wondered.

As he, lost in his thoughts of the past, let his view roam again over the spread papers, Kaji suddenly noticed an envelope that somehow must have gotten between the other papers.

[To be opened after the 14th!]

Several seconds passed in which he just stared curiously at the closed cover. But eventually he shrugged sadly and threw it aside.

"Nothing I wouldn't know already..."


Rei stood alone on the abandoned gangway. The main crew was long at home by now and most lights had been shut off to save energy. But the human eye was made to adapt to the darkness to an adequate degree and Rei had no problem to see the bandaged skull of the Evangelion Unit in front of her.

She was not sure why she had come here. Her presence would not evoke a change of the situation and she was not skilled in this field of science to help Dr Akagi and her staff.

So what was the reason for her to break her daily routine?

Did she want to see the situation for herself? That was doubtful; there was no reason to question the information from her superior officers.
She was confused.

And yet, as she stared in the green eyes of the Evangelion, she became aware that it was this confusion that had originally brought her here. She had come to seek answers to the questions that dwelled in her.

But the giant would not answer.


Hikari looked from her desk over to the visibly moping pupil that was packing her books and papers in her bag.

It was almost two weeks since the last attack, and almost two weeks since her classmate was in this depressed state. At first, Hikari had dismissed Asuka's mood as an aftermath of the battle and since she had been occupied with... other things, she hadn't paid as much attention as she might should have done.

But now it became more and more apparent that it wasn't just a temporary thing, which meant that she felt the need to do something against it. Driven by duty and a bit of guilt that she maybe had neglected their friendship lately, Hikari stood up.


"What?" the addressed redhead grumbled, not even looking up from squeezing the history-book in her black schoolbag.

"I was wondering... eh... if we could go home together..."

Asuka didn't answer immediately. She just stared blankly in front of her.
"I... I'd rather like to go home alone today..." she mumbled eventually, before she slowly rose from her chair and turned away from the class representative.

But Hikari didn't want to let her chance to talk slip and made a quick step to her friend and laid her hand gentle but firm on the redhead's shoulder.

"Asuka, what is it? You seem so gloomy lately."

The other girl didn't turn around. Instead, she just tried to pry her shoulder free from her friend's hand. "I don't know what you mean!"

"Oh come on, you can't fool me! Something's wrong with you."

"I just have a bad day, alright?"

"A bad week, or rather two, is more like it." The moment she said it she followed the gaze of her friend to an empty desk near the windows. A small gasp escaped her, as she realized whose desk it was.
"Is... is it because of Shinji? He wasn't at school since the last Angel attack... Did something..."

"He beat me again, fine!?" Asuka suddenly snapped. "He made me look like the worst pilot ever and stole the grace that belonged to me!!" But Hikari noticed that there was something else behind this rage and it shone through more with every word. Her last sentences came already more in a sob than a forceful yell.
"Now... now go already! Visit your stupid 'boyfriend' in the hospital or something!"

And though Hikari blushed at the comparison, it was doubtful that the redhead even noticed anymore, as she had already hurried away from her best friend.



Where am I?

"Inside of EVA..."

Yes. I remember now. I couldn't stop it.

I failed again...

"You did your best."

Then what use has this? Why did we return here? If we can't make a difference, it wasn't worth the price.

Not that anything would have been worth that price...

"Even small things can change destiny. The power of the human spirit can bend anything to his will if he has the strength to do so."

Change destiny? Was that really why we were send back?

It seems to me that all this was just a cruel joke of destiny. 'Send them back! Wipe out everything they worked for, everything they loved. Just so they always have to repeat their darkest hours and they'll never be free of EVA.

"EVA captured you?"


"But it's up to you to decide if you want to be free."


It is?


"Ah! Watch out for the tree!"

Startled by the sudden yell of the boy in the wheel-chair, Hikari snapped out of her thoughts and stopped immediately. Had she pushed just a few centimeters further, Toji's plastered leg would have made a painful contact with the branch of a tree that stood as decoration at the side of the path.

"You know, I didn't mind the idea to get out of the room and take a round in the hospital's park. But I would prefer not to get back in a worse condition than I left," Toji mildly complained.

"Sorry..." Hikari mumbled, pulled the wheel-chair back a bit to turn to the left and continued their way silently.

"What are you thinking?" Toji suddenly asked.

"Huh? I... nothing..."

"Yeah, right! You're trying to fool someone who knows you for almost five years. You're not someone who's running absently around for nothing. So what is it?"

"It's... Asuka..."

"You're thinking about Asuka?" Toji wondered, but his baffled expression quickly turned into a broad grin. "You're thinking about Asuka like this...?"

"You better don't have that idiotic hentai-grin on your face, Suzuhara!" Hikari warned.

"Sorry, sorry!" he laughed. "So what's with the red... eh... Asuka?"

"I don't know," the girl muttered. "That's the problem. She's got so distant since the last fight and it seems to grow worse and worse since then. I'm not sure, but I... I think it's because of Ikari..."

"Shinji?" Toji wondered aloud. "He's still not back in school?"


"You... you don't think something bad has happened to him? Or that he's even..."

"I hope not. But... it would explain a few things..."

"He can't be dead!" Toji almost shouted with an obvious anger in his voice. "They would have said something! They would have given him one hell of a funeral! At least that's what he would deserve, if..." He shook his head free of these negative thoughts, before he could lose the fight against the hidden tears and he would look like a little crybaby in front of Hikari.
"He's most likely just in some secret training or something. The last Angel just showed them that they need to work harder. Something like that..."

The class rep nodded, weakly smiling at her friend's optimism.
"I'd just like to know..." she sighed. "But Asuka won't tell me, and I seriously doubt that would be any different with Ayanami or someone else at NERV."

They continued their way quietly for a while, which seemed a bit unusual for both of them. It wasn't the first time that there was an uneasy silence between them, but for once it wasn't because of embarrassment.
But eventually Toji turned his head around.

"Well, there's still..."



The bespectacled boy looked up from his desk, where he just had wanted to start with his lunch.

"What is it, class rep?" he asked with some annoyance in his voice.

Since he had to be alone due to Toji's 'accident' and Shinji's disappearance, he usually preferred to stay away from others. Though Kensuke had been used to be without his best friends, when Toji had been skipping school occasionally before Shinji had even arrived, it had never been for such a long time. His behavior towards most classmates hadn't changed that much either and would most likely be gone again, once Toji returned. But as much as he might wanted to be happy for his friend, Kensuke seemed to be bothered by the fact that the class representative got to spend so much time with the jock, while he could only visit him now and then.

Hikari looked at him with some pity. Maybe she should talk with Toji before this became another critical problem with a friend, she had to solve. Which brought her back to the present one...

"You know, Asuka seems a bit off lately..." she began, but was quickly interrupted.

"And what has that to do with me?"

"You will have to find out what is wrong with her!"

"What?" Kensuke shrieked in disbelieve. "Why should I?"

"Because you are the one, who is best suited for the job. It must be something that happened with that last Angel and Ikari's disappearance. And since I know that you like these hacking and spying-stuff, you could find out something..."

"Actually, I prefer military-'stuff'..." he interrupted, but Hikari didn't really care and continued.

"...And since she doesn't want to talk to me, because of T... I mean, and Toji being in hospital and Ikari being who-knows-where, you are the closest thing to a friend to her now."

"A friend? She wouldn't even know me, if I wouldn't hang out with Shinji. Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing..." the boy muttered, rubbing his cheek, as he still could feel the bruises the 'devil' had caused him.

"Kensuke!" Hikari growled angry, but Kensuke didn't seem to be intimidated this time.

"What? You might be the class rep, but this is out of your responsibility. You can't order me to do something like that."

"But..." The brunette started to become anxious. If he wouldn't help her, then who...?

"I will talk to her," a calm voice suddenly interfered, startling both of them.

"Ayanami?" Hikari wondered aloud as she stared somewhat unbelieving at her blue-haired classmate. "Y-you want to help her? I thought you two don't get along very well."

Rei didn't answer immediately. Unlike herself she averted her gaze slightly and a light frown was visible on her forehead.
"I... am curious... about Soryu's feelings," she eventually tried to vocalize her thoughts. "She seems to be in this state of depression since Ikari's disappearance..."

"Ikari?" Kensuke interfered, suddenly sparked by curiosity. "Do you know something about Shinji's whereabouts?"

"It is not in my responsibility to talk about that." She turned her head to look at him. "But as long as you are not afraid to be confronted with the possible consequences, I believe your... 'hacking and spying-stuff' might provide the answers if you seek them so desperately."

With that she turned and left the class room.

"I said I prefer military..."


"Anything new?" Misato asked, what seemed to be the hundredth time in the last weeks.

"We're working on it..." was the reply she received, as always.

Yes, they were working, so much could Misato see. The room that was used, when they weren't in the command center or in the EVA-cage, directly working on Unit-01, was filled with the small group of technicians, lead by Ritsuko and Maya; all typing, simulating, or searching for information on their Magi-terminals. Every time she went there it seemed like no one had moved at all.

She hated that view. Not that she envied them working under these conditions, but it made her feel useless. All she could do to help was to bring her friend a coffee now and then.

"Regretting again, that you didn't attend the bio-informatics lecture?" Ritsuko's rather rhetorical question brought her back to reality.

Misato groaned. "You know that wouldn't helped much, as I would have failed most likely anyway..." she grumbled silently. "So, how you're feeling?"

"Could use some sleep. Coffee doesn't keep you awake forever." The doctor stopped her typing and rubbed her neck, before turning her chair around to the Major and finally receiving the presented cup. "What about you?"

"I'd wish I could say 'I feel fine', though I have to admit that it at least feels much better without the sling..." Misato muttered and moved her left arm a bit. It was just a few hours ago that she had a last check by Dr. Kanegawa, where that last reminder of the 13th Angel was removed.

Almost absently she put her hands in the small pockets of her jacket, something she hadn't been able to do for so long. The more she was surprised as her, so long unused, left hand came in contact with some kind of crumpled paper. Most likely it was just some old receipt or shopping-list she had forgotten to get rid off, but her curiosity won quickly. 

As she unfolded the paper, it just seemed to some kind of note. But soon she frowned as she read the lines.

[I hope you read this before the synch-test of the Fourth Children with EVA-03. An Angel is in control of the Evangelion! Don't activate the EVA until everything is definitely and confirmed safe! Stay away from it!

A Friend

"What is it?"

Misato didn't even look back to answer the doctor.
"Nothing - I... just got to go..." she muttered hasty and rushed to the exit.

Ritsuko eyed her suspiciously, as she left.
"Nothing, huh?"


Asuka had hurried out of class as soon as the last bell announced the end of the school-day. She couldn't stay there longer than necessary, not with all those questioning eyes upon her, and especially not since Hikari started to become suspicious. Asuka had no idea how long it would take until she would break under the mental pressure and let everything slip by accident, when this would go on any longer. 

She had made half of the way home in record time, but unknown to her someone had slowly managed to catch up with her.


Despite her first shock, Asuka didn't stop, not even slowed her pace when she heard the monotonous voice behind her.
"What do you want?" The reply wasn't nearly as forceful as it most likely was meant to be. An outsider wouldn't even have noticed that it had been two different people who had spoken.

"I was asked to talk to you."

"Then what do you want to talk about?" This time there was a bit more power behind it.

"I was questioning myself..." she trailed off, as if unsure how to put her thoughts into words. This was even less typical for her; it was rare enough for her to start a conversation, but then she always seemed exactly to know what to say.
"What... do you feel about Ikari's situation?"

The Second Children suddenly stopped. She stood silent for a while; then hurried forward again. "Since when do you care what other think? Afraid that someone could be interested in your precious Shinji?"

"That was not my question," Rei replied calmly and slowly went after her. "I just want to know how I am supposed to feel."

Again, Asuka stopped. This time however, she turned her head enough to look at her uninvited companion.
"What... what the hell are you talking about?"

"These... feelings... I do not understand them... how to react to them... because I can not recall having experienced anything like this before. Is the way you are acting the proper one in this situation?" Rei fell silent, waiting for an answer. But the only reply Asuka gave her was the confused expression on her face.
"Ikari once told me that I should smile in a situation when I feel glad. But what am I supposed to do now, that a person dear to me is gone?"

"You..." Asuka suddenly looked at her almost in shock, but quickly turned away again. "What do I know?!"

"I see," the blue-haired girl whispered, before nodding slightly. "I will not disturb you any further."
With that, Rei turned and went down the street in the opposite direction, not even noticing the redhead looking after her.

"Cry when you feel sad. Laugh when you're happy..." Asuka muttered and resumed her view to the way before her. "Who am I too ask for a promise that I can't hold myself?"


Misato lost no time on her way home. She wanted to silence the nagging feeling inside her as fast as possible, though she somewhat hoped her suspicion would not be confirmed. There were enough secrets at NERV, she didn't really need or wanted them at home.

As she entered her apartment, she was greeted with silence.

"I'm home!"

Nothing. Wasn't Asuka supposed to be home now?

Then again, she had neither seen nor heard very much of her second charge in the last weeks. So she shrugged it off and went straight to Shinji's room where she hoped to find the reason, that was worth violating even more traffic rules than usual, to get home as fast as she could.

The room was just as he left it. And he always left it perfectly clean, something she didn't know if she should admire or be worried about. The only difference to then was the fine layer of dust covering the furniture.

But she wasn't here to feel remembered of him and worry that the room might stay like this; neither to feel guilty, that she hadn't taken the responsibility, to keep the apartment clean, from him even after his disappearance. She made some steps to his desk and opened the drawer. It didn't take long until she found something she searched for between his schoolbooks.

Once she took out the crumpled piece of paper and compared it to the opened notebook, there was no doubt anymore.

But instead of calming her, that revelation just raised even more questions in her mind. Maybe it was just a good guess; he learned somehow of the identity of the Fourth Children and just didn't want his friend endangered. But what if not? How could he have known?
Sadly, the only one who could have the answers had taken them with him in the EVA.

'Unless...' Her view went out of the door to the hallway.

Maybe he actually had entrusted his secret to someone. She could ask his friends; maybe they knew something about it. Maybe it hasn't even been his idea and he had been urged or even forced to do it, which meant there was an even wider field of potential people who hid this from her. And in that case, it was possible that she wouldn't even have to search very far, if a particular redhead already knew the answers she sought.

Sure, it didn't seem very likely that Asuka would do anything to avoid a fight against an Angel, but without knowing the facts, there was no way to guess the possible reasons behind everything. And Misato was now eager enough to find out the answers to this riddle that she would even go after the most unlikely hints, one after one.

But just as she was about to knock at the redhead's door, Misato paused in her movement. A faint sound, almost like a whimper, came form the room. Quietly she opened the door.

"Asuka...?" The cowered form on the bed suddenly jerked away, when Misato made herself aware. "Are you... are you crying?"

"Of course not!"

"You've already been better in lying," Misato reminded; the wet streaks on the child's cheeks were clearly visible after all, even in the dark room. "So what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong!" Asuka tried to spat, if it wasn't for her cracking voice; baking away, as her guardian came closer. "What do I care if b-baka Shinji got a synch-rate I'll never be able to reach!"

"Oh, so you're just down because of his synch-rate?" Misato mused almost teasingly while sitting next to the girl on the bed.

"What... what else should it be?" Asuka mumbled so softly that it was barely audible.

Misato sighed, but intended to use this chance.
"Then I guess, you don't mind explaining me this?" she asked as she unfolded the crumpled piece of paper and presented it to the redhead.

Asuka's eyes widened for a second as she stared at the note. Then she didn't seem to care anymore; the tears flowed freely across her cheeks.

"That... that baka..." she muttered, her mouth turning into a cracked smile. "I've told him not to write it per hand..."

Misato mustered the sobbing redhead for a second. This seemed so unlike the usually proud and fiery Second Children; it was almost painful to watch. A hint of guilt crept into her conscience, evoking the wish just to leave it with that information and go, but she remained her calmness.
"So you do know something about it..." she eventually confronted her charge with what she had figured.

Asuka just nodded weakly, but obviously couldn't muster herself to look her guardian in the eyes.

"Then what...?"

"I can't tell you!" the sniffing child cut her off and tried to dry the tears with her hands. "It... it was his decision as well. I can't tell you. Not until he's back."

Misato's first thought was to protest openly, but she managed to swallow the inappropriate remark in regard of the situation. In fact, it brought up another fear, as much as she wished she could deny it.
"You know, the chances aren't very high. He might..."

"No!" Asuka suddenly snapped at her. "He will come back! He came back before!"
The tears returned, as she sank back to her bed.
"He... has to..."


It was almost 2:00 AM in the morning, but one room of the Aida household was still illuminated.

Kensuke let out a yawn and rubbed his tired eyes. The light of the monitor seemed almost too bright for his taste by now.

Why did he even bother to do this? It was definitely not for Asuka and not for Hikari, not even for Toji. Sure, Shinji was his friend and he couldn't deny that he was curious as well, what happened to the EVA-pilot he had adored for so long. But with the recent events with Toji, who could have easily been hurt worse, and Shinji, whose fate was completely unknown, Kensuke wasn't sure if his aim to become a pilot seemed as aspiring as he thought. Even though he had witnessed Shinji's pain in the second Angle-fight, he had always tried to overlook the danger as long as he would have a chance to pilot such a Mecha.

So why did he even try to break into one of the most secure computer-systems without even knowing how?

[Connection to MAGI-Terminal X-53 denied!]

Groaning, he clicked the message away for the twentieth time and finally started the shutdown-procedure for is computer.

'Who started this "Kensuke is a geek, so he's good with computers"-rumor anyway...?'


The next morning, Asuka stayed in bed a bit longer as usual. The alarm-clock had chimed at the same time as always, but she just hit the sleep-mode button in her doze. She didn't feel like facing anyone today yet again; not after she had let slip so much just yesterday.

And especially not Misato. Her guardian had refrained from asking more questions the last evening, but Asuka was sure that she wouldn't let it be with that. As soon as they'd met, she could more than likely expect several awkward questions that could be quite embarrassing to answer.

And since it wasn't unusual for them not to meet in the morning when the Major had time to sleep longer before she had to work, it was quite possible that she wouldn't even notice, if Asuka stayed silently in her room instead of going to school.

But just as the alarm started to ring for the fifth time and Asuka was about to throw it against the wall, a more natural habit forced her to get up after all.

Once she had finished her 'business', she decided that she could just as well stay up and get something against the growing hunger. Not that she had much appetite, but she knew well enough that she couldn't fight the needs of her stomach forever. And if she was quick enough, she could be back to her room before Misato would even notice.

When she entered the kitchen, she saw PenPen staring hungrily at his empty bowl. Letting out a small sigh, she went to the fridge and took out some ingredients for her breakfast and a can of tuna for the starving penguin.

After feeding the bird, silently cursing about the loud noise of the can opener, she put two slices of bread in the toaster and began to fill the tank of the coffee-machine with water.

"Make one for me too."

"Couldn't you have said...?" She stopped herself and almost dropped the water-can in surprise, as she became aware that she had been caught.

"Something's wrong?" Misato asked casually, as she sat down at the table, still clad in her 'nightgown'.

"Eh... no..." Asuka meekly said.

While waiting for the coffee to brew, barely noticing that she slightly bit in her lower lip, the redhead threw a few anxious glances to her guardian, who had started to read the newspaper.

"No beer today?" she eventually asked, trying to sound just as casual as Misato appeared to be. 'As if nothing happened at all yesterday...'

"I'd wish to, but I drank the last this night."

They fell silent again. Both knew that there was no more beer left because Misato had forgotten that Shinji had not been able to go shopping as usual.

For several minutes there was only the dripping sound of the coffee-machine and the occasional rustling of the news-paper.

After a while this, at least for Asuka, uneasy silence finally ended when the machine notified that it finished the process and shut itself down.

Misato dropped a casual "thanks" when Asuka put one of the just filled cups before her on the table, while her redheaded charge sat down on the other site of the table and sipped on hers. A slight grin was on the Major's lips as she put cup down again after taking a small sip from it.  "So... you two are in love, huh?"

Not really surprised by this 'sudden' question, Asuka nodded hesitantly.

"Something serious?"

The redhead allowed herself a slight smile. "I guess you can say so..."

"For how long?"

Her smile grew a bit wider. "A while..."

"And how serious?" Misato raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

"Quite..." Asuka said grinning.

"That quite?"


She couldn't help but chuckle at the now completely dumbfounded expression of her guardian. But as much as she wanted to cherish this feeling of casual familiarity as long as possible, she knew much too well that it wouldn't last very long.


"I'm home!" Kensuke called into the hallway as he came from school, though he didn't really expect an answer. He was usually alone, when he came home at this time of the day.

The more he was surprised when a {drunken} voice greeted him back. "Welcome home, Kens'ke..."

As he followed the voice to the living room he found his father clumsily standing up and swaying towards him. Kensuke absently noticed various empty bottles lying around and the heavy stench of alcohol in the dimmed room.

"Are you drunk again?" he asked rather rhetorically and stepped a bit disgusted away from the alcohol-breath of his father. Though he never drank regularly, maybe once in two or three months, he tended to lose control of it when he did.

"Oh son, one day you'll praise the feeling of callousness it can cause, after you come home into your empty house after a stressful day and all you can do is to wait for your only son who is also the only remaining member of your family."
Suddenly the taller man embraced his son rather forcefully. "I'm sorry! I didn't... I love you, my Kensuke..."

"I know, dad..." Kensuke just rolled his eyes at this all too known procedure since the sudden death of his mother years ago. He couldn't really remember her, it was completely normal for him to grow up just with his father, who tried his best to cover both parts. So, as much as he wanted, it was hard for Kensuke to empathize with the man who still mourned for the death that much, especially when he lost the control of his alcohol-consume now and then.

Kensuke reached out to support the drunken man. "Come on, I'll bring you to bed..."

"Nonsense! I'm still wide awake!" his father protested, before almost tumbling to the floor.

"Yeah right... Now come. You'll have work tomorrow."

"Meh! We don't have that much to do, as long as they're busy gettin' that kid out of that EVA..."

Kensuke's eyes widened. For a moment he stared blankly at his father.
He hadn't really wanted to use and risk this 'source' anymore, at the latest since it became apparent that his quest for becoming a pilot was futile after all.

'Oh... but- just one more time...' he thought, shaking his head. 'But this doesn't mean I'm now more into spying.'

Taking a deep breath, as to convince himself to let his curiosity win once again, he opened his mouth.
"What kid...?"


"He's trapped."

Hikari blinked in confusion, at Kensuke's more than short explanation, why he had wanted to talk with her. "Who?"

"Shinji of course," Kensuke sighed, as he leaned more over his desk and continued to explain in a conspiratorial whisper. "He's somehow trapped inside his EVA and they don't know if they'll ever get him out."

The class-representative gasped in shock. "He- he might never come back?"

Kensuke shook his head. "They're not even sure if he's still alive..."

"My god..." Her view went to the redhead that sat a few rows further at her desk and absently played with the buttons of her laptop's keyboard. "You mean that is why she's acting like this lately?"

"Phht, sure..." Kensuke snarled dismissive. "I bet she was just beaten by that Angel and now she's licking the wounds of her overconfident ego."

"I don't know... I'm not sure if she would be so touchy about the lone mentioning of Shinji then."

"You mean she isn't touchy otherwise?"

"Not like this," Hikari muttered sadly as she watched her friend. "It's like she lost the part of her that kept her stable."

"And that part was Shinji? You sound as if she had a thing for him," Kensuke almost laughed dismissive. "To be honest, I prefer her unbalanced than 'stable' on the dark side."

"Well... Thanks anyway..."

"Meh... It was nothing..."
Hikari looked at the bitter geek once more in pity, but eventually decided that it was best to leave him for now. As soon as Toji and hopefully Shinji were back, he would most likely return to his good natured-, military-obsessed-, wannabe-EVA-pilot self and everything would be back to normal for him.

Now something else had a higher priority. And she had heard enough in that regard. Now, it was time to confront her, what she thought, best friend with her newfound knowledge.


The only reply that the addressed girl gave was the slight movement of her eyes towards her classmate.

"Can we go home together today? I'd really like talk to you; it's... important."

Asuka didn't answer immediately. She was visibly forcing a smile, before she gave up and returned her gaze to the screen before her. "Sure..."


"So what do you want, Hikari?" Asuka muttered halfhearted, keeping her view on the city before her.

Just a few weeks ago, they had been sitting at the same spot, the same time - and yet, with such a different situation that the she felt sicker with each second the sun set.

"Why didn't you tell me?" the girl next to her accused. "Aren't these things that have to be shared with your best friend?"

Hikari's harsh tone startled Asuka enough to finally look at her. "What are you talking about?"

"Your feelings for Shinji! And don't even try to deny it! I could have guessed before, but since his disappearance it got quite obvious."

Asuka's eyes widened at the sudden revelation and she stiffened for a second, but then her shoulders sagged in a sigh and a weak smile softened her features.
"Either Suzuhara is rubbing up on you or I never really witnessed you in the dreaded 'class-rep-mode'..." she muttered chuckling concerning Hikari's bluntness. "I guess I'm not as good as an actress like I'd want to pretend..."

The brunette girl giggled a bit, though it wasn't obvious if it was because of the first or latter part of Asuka's statement.
"Well, you did your best, I can assure. I was wondering several times, whenever you two where arguing, if you were rather going to kiss or kill him any second," she said with a smile that suddenly dropped again. "I'm just a bit disappointed. I would have assumed you would trust me enough to tell me. That's what friends for, isn't it?"

"Oh, Hikari, if only you knew," Asuka sighed as she let her gaze wander over the buildings that were bathed in the orange light of the setting sun. "But... this isn't as easy as a crush on some handsome movie-star..."

"So... then is it 'the big L' already?" Hikari asked teasingly and just hardly resisted to give her a little nudge.

" 'The big...'?" The redhead blinked in confusion as she snapped out of her thoughts, but then a sheepish grin crept on her lips. "Yeah, I guess you can say so..."

"As-Asuka?!" Hikari stammered perplexed. That was definitely not the answer she had expected. "Y-you're serious?"

The smile didn't leave Asuka's face as she placed her hands on her friend's shoulder and looked deep into her eyes.
"Yes, Hikari, I am serious! I love Shinji Ikari!" she said with all honesty she could put in her voice, and it felt as if a heavy burden was finally lifted from her. "And I'm sorry if I let you think otherwise, but I do trust you! And... as my friend... I trust you that you will keep that for yourself!"


"Don't tell anyone about it! Not any of our classmates. Not your sisters. And especially not Toji. Please..."

Hikari just answered with a kind smile as she eventually gave in and nodded in agreement. "That's what friends there for, right?"

Asuka couldn't bring out any words, anything appropriated seemed to escape her mind. All she could do was return the nod and the hug she was drawn into.

Hikari may wasn't able to ease all her pains. But Asuka knew now, that her friend would be there for her.


"...I am serious! I love Shinji Ikari!"

Sighing, Kensuke closed the display on his camcorder.

'Geez, Shinji, you really have a bad timing to get lost in your EVA,' he thought. 'You'll better be back soon. You'll have a lot talking to do - in person.'

With a simple click, he deleted the just filmed sequence and continued his way home.


It's time.
I can feel them calling me.
I have to go.

"You know, you don't have to?"


Maybe not...

But I want to


Asuka watched the last preparations on Unit-01 from a gangway above the restrained EVA. It was doubtful that anyone would notice her here unless they really paid attention, which didn't seem very much likely, seeing how busy everyone was. She on the other hand, had a perfect view on the events unfolding beneath her. That, however, didn't ease the nervousness, she felt inside, at all.

So it was not surprising that she jerked a bit, as someone suddenly stepped next to her.

"You do not have to worry. Dr Akagi, Lieutenant Ibuki and their staff are well skilled for this task."

Despite her first shock to be caught by the blue-haired pilot, Asuka quickly regained her uncaring facade and turned her attention back to the EVA-cage below with an annoyed look.
"Who says I'm here to check, if that idiot will be alright? I... just don't have anything better to do right now."

Rei didn't reply. Not that this was unexpected, but her calmness always tended to create an uncomfortable silence. She just closed the distance between them with a few steps and followed Asuka's gaze down.

"He will return," Rei stated simply, but in an almost warm, reassuring tone.

Maybe it was because of that, maybe because she was too distracted or because of her nervousness or maybe just because she didn't feel like fighting right now, but Asuka didn't argue with her co-pilot.

"I know..." was all she whispered.

A sudden tumult coming from the command center returned their attention to the happenings a few stages below. Asuka couldn't deny the rush of panic, making her fists stiffen in fear around the railing, as the hatch of the entry plug suddenly opened and LCL started to pour out. She didn't know if she still breathed or if her heart had beat in the seemingly endless seconds that followed, while the only sound seemed to be that of the trickling of the liquid's last drops.

But all her fears vanished in an instant to be replaced by an utmost relief and happiness, when she could make out a hand getting a hold of the site of the hatch. She barely registered Misato's run for the platform leading to the plug; her eyes rested on the form of the boy, who used the rest of his strength to creep out of the cylinder-formed cockpit and eventually collapsed in the Major's arms.

Asuka could barely contain herself not to hurry down to be near him again after a month of separation, but she suddenly became aware again of the blue-haired pilot only a few steps beside her. So she held her position firmly without even turning around.

"Didn't he tell you to do something in such an occasion?" Asuka asked, trying to sound as unaffected by the happenings as possible.

Rei just stared blankly at her for a second. But then, as if out of nowhere, her facial features seemed to brighten up in joy and a warm smile curled up her lips.

"You know," Asuka began, even though she could see this unusual display of emotions only in the corner of her eye, "if you would keep doing that, one could actually mistake you for a human being..."

Even though the choice of words wasn't the friendliest, there was no malice in her voice. In fact, behind its sarcasm, it was one of the greatest compliments Rei ever received - especially by someone like the Second. And she had to admit - it felt good...


The first thing Shinji felt, as he slowly regained consciousness, was a soft, slight salty feeling on his lips. Not unexpected, the first he saw was a certain redhead, obviously surprised when he had started to return the kiss. As she, somewhat perplexed, broke the contact he noticed that she had obviously been crying.

He smiled at her, as she sat there on top of him. "And you were always afraid that I could take advantage of you," he broke the silence.

Blushing, Asuka snapped out of her trance, but she still seemed to fight for words; opening and closing her mouth several times, as if she had forgotten how to speak. Then suddenly, she slapped him.

"Ouch!" he whined, rubbing his reddened cheek. "You already gave me that 'For making you worry'-lecture already, remember?"

"Well, it obviously wasn't enough! So I'll have to give it to you as often as necessary!"

With the slyest grin he could manage, he sat up and put his arms around her. "Well, I don't mind," he assured, leaning closer. "As long as I also get the 'For coming back'-one..."

Asuka didn't even try to hesitate very long; she cupped his face in her hands and met his lips in a long awaited, passionate kiss and soon, Shinji found himself lying on his back again.

"Am I interrupting something?"

Shinji's eyes grew wide as they went towards the door.

"Uh... Mi... Misato!" he stuttered and tried to get the surprisingly calm redhead off him. "It...  it's not what it seems!"

But the still caressing hand on his cheek silenced him.

"Shh..." Asuka hushed and didn't even care to stop another tear of joy that dropped on his face. "It's okay. She... she knows..."

Shinji's head shifted between the two women, just like his thoughts shifted from one possibility to another.
"What...? She...? How much...?"

"Not as much as I liked to know, I'm afraid..." the Major scolded, slightly smirking, as she went towards his bed. But it didn't take long that her professional appearance cracked completely and she flung her arms around the little part of his upper body that Asuka was willing to share. "I'm glad that you came back to us, Shinji," she said once more, as she stood up and straitened her jacket again. "I guess I'll better give you two some time for yourselves now. But remember: I want some explanations when we're back at home!"

With a last, kind glance to the couple, she left the room as silently as she had entered it.

"So... what does she know...?" Shinji asked after a moment of silence.

"Just that we're together..."

"And... how?" he asked carefully, trying not to sound as if he would indict her for any fault.

Asuka lifted her upper body off him. "She got curious because you baka didn't gave her an anonymous warning like I told you to!" she accused, glaring at him and poking at his chest with her finger.

"But I did..."

"You wrote it per hand! Maybe I'm still not able to see the difference between every Kanji but even I can recognize your scribbles if I wanted to!"

"Oh..." Shinji muttered. "I'm..."

"Yeah, I know..." she hushed somewhat sadly, as she let herself fall back onto him.

The silence threatened to overwhelm them again, as it started to become uneasy again.

"It's... it's been my fault anyway..." Asuka eventually admitted, before it would get worse. "I tried to maintain my old attitude, but... I... I just couldn't. It was hard enough to keep it up when she was taken from us, but the thought of losing both of you..."

"But... you knew that I would come back..."

"The hell I knew!" Asuka snapped at him, but then buried her face even more to his. "The last month I kept worrying if this is right what we do. We agreed that we would try to change the future, so everyone has chance to survive. But truth is, we never really thought of the consequences of our interventions. Who knows if we really change everything for the better? Who knows if it doesn't even end up much worse when we keep doing this? Who knows if... if..." Her grip became tighter as she trailed off.
"I just don't want to see another life of someone close to me sacrificed in this war. Never again..."

Shinji closed his eyes with a sigh and ran his fingers soothing through her hair.

"It doesn't matter that much if she knows," he said eventually, when he noticed that she had calmed down in his arms. "You know, I did some thinking as well. And to be honest, I think it might was a step in the right direction. We will have to change 'who we are' to everyone at some time. We never thought of that; we were part of the problem just as much as the way the things went and if we continue to act exactly as we did, it could very well end up just as it did. When I stood there on the gangway to my EVA and heard how this Angel hurt the both of you, I... I just couldn't hold back any longer. And I don't regret it. Because if I wouldn't have done it; if I would just have stayed in my role, who knows if my father would have come to sense in time to let me go with a chance to beat it..."

"So... you say we should stop acting after all? But... what about...?"

He quickly shook his head. "We shouldn't rush it. If we keep it slowly, so everyone could adapt... maybe they won't notice anything too strange..."

"Well, it's too late with Misato, I guess. And... and I think we owe her at least some explanations." A grin suddenly replaced her previous empty expression, as she trailed her finger seductively along his chest. "Not to mention that we then don't have to hold back at home any longer..."

His chuckle rocked both of their bodies, but he didn't reply in any other way than to draw her a bit closer. They stayed silent like this for a few more minutes, before it was time to leave the comforting peace of their own little world and to face reality once again


Said reality hit them soon enough in form of Misato. She didn't gave them much time to prepare once they got home; as soon as she had got into something more comfortable than her uniform, she called them to kitchen. A certain piece of paper already greeted them on the table when they sat down, but neither said a word.

"Well, I hope this will be a good story," Misato broke the silence, before it could actually settle in. "I had to move a... ehm... meeting from this evening to tomorrow for this."

"Yeah, I can guess what kind of 'meeting'..." Asuka snarled.

Misato silenced her with a warning glare.
"So mind explaining this to me now?" she asked firmly and pointed to the piece of paper that lay between them on the table. "Assuming that you didn't take a very good guess, how did you know that the previous Angel would overtake Unit-03?"

Shinji looked at his side for Asuka's reassurance, which he found in a small nod.
"I knew it, because I..." He felt Asuka's hand softly squeezing his, "...we... had witnessed this all once before..."

"How?" Misato asked with a strange calmness. "Have you somehow got visionary powers? Some kind of déjà vu?"

"It was rather a kind of time-travel," the redhead interjected.

"Time-travel? But... how can that be possible?"

"We... we don't know actually," Shinji muttered, shaking his head. "All I can say is that we came back about two or three months ago, after surviving on our own for several years..."

"Surviving?" The Major was visibly shocked. "Why surviving? What happened?"

"Third Impact!" Asuka simply stated with a low voice. "The two of us were the only ones who were left."

"Third...?" Misato's eyes widened. "So... we failed?

Shinji slowly shook his head. "I-I'm not sure if it would be wise if you'd knew every detail. But... let's just say; it wasn't an Angel that caused it."

"What? Then who was responsible?"

"I can't..."

"Shinji!" Misato cut him off with more anger in her voice than intended.

But the boy surprised her by not backing away; instead he looked up with a stern face.
"As I said, I don't think it would be wise for you to know everything. We... we're trying to avert the Impact this time, but there are too many people who could work against us." With a weak grin, he nodded to the paper. "And as you can tell, it's hard enough for us already to keep everything secret."

"So you don't think I could help you?" she protested.

"Maybe," Asuka interfered with a warning glare, "but you could create even more problems for us. The more people know anything critical, the higher is the risk that anyone lets something slip to someone who shouldn't know..."

"So you don't trust me...?" Misato whispered with a hint of disappointment.

"I... I wouldn't call it that..." Shinji tried to appease her. "It's just that... there's too much to risk..."

"Well, then..." Misato trailed off, obviously not very pleased by his explanation.
"How... how long have you been there?" she eventually changed the topic somewhat unwilling.

"We don't know exactly. The first few months or even years, we were much too occupied with other things that we didn't even bothered about keeping track of dates. So we can only guess that it's been about one and a half or two years before we started to count again. After that it was almost four years."

"Why..." She halted to take a breath. "Why didn't you tell me anything?" Misato's frustration was clearly audible in her voice.

"How should we have known if you would have believed us?" Shinji tried his best to keep his calm.

Asuka's patience on the other hand seemed to run lower every second.
"The risk was just too high!" she spat more venomously than it seemed necessary. "If we would have told you or anyone else that we somehow traveled through time without any proof, we would have been declared 'mentally unstable' in no time and been at least removed from our duty at NERV and with that from our only chance to make a difference. Most likely we would have also been separated or even locked away..."

"Asuka..." Shinji tried to calm her, but only to little avail.

Misato just sighed at the outburst of the redhead and sagged back in her chair. "I guess you have a point there. This whole story is just so... I don't know... it really sounds a bit like a bizarre fantasy. I mean, you are telling me that you two lived alone in a devastated world for several years, where you eventually opened up to each other and fell in love and then came back for no apparent reason..." She had rested her forehead on her hand, deep in thought, and sighed once more. After a short moment of silence, she shook her head.
"If it wasn't for the note..." she mumbled and looked back up to them. "You know, it's really not very easy to believe, but I..."

She was forcefully interrupted as Asuka suddenly slammed her palms on the table as she bolted up. "FINE! Believe what you want!"

"Asuka!" Shinji reached out for her to hold her back, but she had already run out of the kitchen. Sadness and shame filled him, as this event painfully reminded him that he wasn't able to do anything for her at all.

"What is it with her?" Misato asked behind him, but he couldn't muster himself to turn around and to look up to her.

"You don't... you can't understand what it's like - how painful it is to assume... just to think that it wasn't real... that it never happened," he breathed with a low voice, his fists firmly clenched at his sites as all the once joyful memories were repeated in his mind. "Not... not after we were forced to leave all that mattered to us behind."

"What do you mean?" Misato sounded obviously confused. "What could have been that important in that world that you can't find now? I mean, it's not like you..." She trailed off with an audible gasp.
"You...? I mean you didn't...? You didn't have...?"

"Yes, Misato..." Shinji cut her softly off, "we... we had a child..."

A/N: Yeah, the "big" secret is finally out!! Okay, okay, I guess I've made it obvious enough. Actually, I'd be surprised if there's anyone who wouldn't have guessed after the first chapter already, but now it's official.

You might have noticed that I diverged more from the actual episodes in this chapter than in the previous odd-numbered. One reason is the obvious story-intern effect of Asuka & Shinji's changes to the timeline, the other is that I wrote most of it at University on my new/old Laptop which is that slow that I couldn't even get a small, soundless video to run for checking constantly; so I did most of it by memory and tried to change at least some recognizable parts to fit to some degree.

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To be honest I'm not even sure, if I let that last scene in. It was supposed to redeem Kensuke's behavior a bit, by showing that he's interested in the well-care of his friends after all. Problem is, not only that it could be misinterpreted, it also creates a story-element that I didn't originally planned in...