69. Update on Update - by JimmyWolk
[07.05.20, 21:26]
So, unfortunately, I can't announce the AcL break being over just yet. If you're looking for updates though, there is a new way for that: Continuing being late to the party, I created a Twitter account @jimmy_wolk. I figured that might be a better alternative to the RSS feed and newsletter for you youngin's these days. Since I'm not really a Twitter guy myself, might not do everything according to etiquette, so I might get back to you guys about that sometime (tags always make me wonder if/what to chose for example).
Also, this gives an option for other kinds of updates, I guess, of which there is one right now...

Well, if you don't feel like going there, the short(er) of it: Hoping to end the break this months, but no promises.


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68. New annual(?) one-shot! - by JimmyWolk
[28.06.19, 14:34]
Yeah, I guess it might raise some eyebrows, but I actually wrote something again for a change! :D
For those who remember (or rather those who don't, I guess), back in my first few years, I released a one-shot every year on my anniversary of posting my first fanfic with "A Happier World". Unfortunately, that eventually didn't become sustainable anymore.
But with me completely missing on last year's 15th anniversary, and because I had an idea handy, I figured, why not make it up by doing another one of these this year?

So I present: Aki2! :D

And yeah, that's also kinda the reason why I put the first "Sisters" page out earlier in the week, since I wanted to let that one have the big surprise (when this one kinda works as surprise on its own). Of course that entire comic was already meant to be out much earlier in the midst of various other art, so this would have come a bit more out of nowhere again, but alas. And on the upside, it already felt hard enough not to spoil this one in comments for a few days, it would have probably be impossible for me to keep quiet for weeks or months. :p


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67. Actual site news! - by JimmyWolk
[24.02.19, 17:32]
Yes, I did actually work on the site a bit for a change. As I already put in the introduction of the page, while I already used to add "Fan-fanart" in my gallery, but aside from not being sure how prominent that was there to begin with, I didn't really have anything for written or otherwise external stuff. And since there was a fairly big one, that kinda got me a bit off my butt in general*, I figured I could give all the "Fan-fanworks" a page of their own (replacing the "Progress" page that was over a decade out of date anyway).
It's not necessarily "done" yet (aside from hopefully being able to add more, of course *hint hint* ;) ), I'm not sure yet if I still change the design a bit or may also add a "homage" section for stories that only have a minor inspiration (like TvTropes lists some stories that include named or inspired by Aki, and while that's awesome as well, I'm not sure if I can really "take credit"(?) for that (even if the author confirmed it), if it's not actually supposed to be her or when the story otherwise very much their own and has nothing to do with my stuff - especially since I took the name from another story myself. ^^).
But feel free to give feedback for that/the page in general (and surely, the authors/artists won't mind some comments on their respective pages as well ;) ). And as mentioned as well in the introduction, also don't hesitate to let me know if you've seen something to add to it as well - and better yet of course, if you created something yourself. :)

*In that regard, in case you haven't followed it in my comments on some of the last few AcL pages, it also made me go through T2t myself and made me want to add a few more illustrations for that (still feel free to add some of your interests as well), and it also got me quite a few ideas for other pics as well. And kinda in preparation for that (though work did already take a bit of a toll on my productivity in that regard :/), I recently finally put up a deviantArt page, where I also put a few pics that I hadn't even uploaded to my gallery here, so feel free to check it out. ;)


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