Over the years, I found myself surprised and honored several times to see other people actually liking my stuff enough to create their own works based on them.
While I already used to upload the pictures I got to my gallery - and I'm not even sure how much notice they got there - stories, I usually at most mentioned in a news update that tend to get burried sooner or later. So, this page at least to give everyone the deserved spotlight.

And just in case my stories somehow managed to inspire you as well to do something of your own with it and wonder if that's fine with me: Well, obviously it is (provided, of course, that it's in good taste (though I doubt anyone doing something mean spirited would bother to ask anyway)). :)
As said, I feel honored and humbled to see someone create from my stuff, knowing that you liked it that much that it inspired you to do something with it yourself is probably the biggest kind of compliment I can think of (not that I'd say no to any other kind of praise ;) ).
So you don't necessarily have to contact me to ask for permission; again, as long as it's in good taste, go ahead. However, as much as I also like the surprise of actually stumbling upon (fan-)fanworks myself, I'm not able to keep my eyes everywhere, especially in the last few years with quite a bit less time to browse and check out new stories or find every picture. So it would still be great if you could give me a pointer - I would still be interested to see/read it (and put it up here) after all. ;)
Likewise, if you have already done something or know someone did something belonging here, please also let me know. :)

Either way, once more, a big thanks to everyone!

Love and Hate ([35] [45]) by Eric Blair.
While the former part's references are (relatively) obvious, it could probably be another brunette girl in the second one. But given that I knew the author and given the note at the end, I'm pretty sure who that was meant to be. ;)

Price Of Fame, by gunman.
An adaptation/extension of my fic of the same name, featuring that happy ending that I deprived you of. ;)

All Over Again, by still-guns.
A sort of multiverse-crossover peggy sue, featuring an alternate take of certain little girl (though not so little anymore). Unfortunately on hiatus(/dead?), so there wasn't all that much of her.

2 Chronicles and The Aki Chronicles, by BG_Character_592.
Part of the "Chronicles" series, a spin-off of "Advice and Trust" by Strypgia/Panther2G, that has the chars of that fic MSTK-ing various (more or less) Eva related things. In this case a "book" called "The 2nd try" and (in a much later part) a PDF with a certain comic. ;)

The fall of Seele, Eva fortune Aki & Spring cleaning at Nerv, by Vajrei.
Short omakes for T2t.

Aki's New Friend, by ElSquibbonator.
Another short omake about - well, as the title says, Aki finding a new little friend. :)

The 2nd Try: Short Stories and Aki-Chan's Life Shorts, by B123.
As it says, a series of cute short stories about the Ikari family's life after Third Impact and after their reunion respectively.

In doubt of where to go, by TheOneAndOnlyErik.
Multiverse Shinji going through the Multiverse - including a certain world in (so far?) chapter 3. ;)

Second Chance, by Chad Commander.
What if Gendo would wake up from his coma? Well, he'd have to face his granddaughter, of course - and himself.

The 3rd Try - No Explanations, by gloomy moods and inspiration.
Title probably says it all. ^^;

The Ikari Sisters Have Tea, by Thane of Cherry Creek.
Another little multiverse crossover, this time inspired by myself. :)

Aki's fear, by RedBahamut

Unnamed, by waito_x

What if Rei got shot? by Flour Flower
      Bonus ;)

Art by Jed Lobo

Art by ElSquibbonator

Art by RedBahamut

Art by GealicEvaPilot

Art by MRA artworks

Art by Gealach

Art by DragonSlayerMlp

Art by Faith-Wolff/@GentleHeart14, commissioned by KingXanaduu

Art by waito_x

Art by Flour Flower

T2t 20th anniversary special
What if Asuka and Shinji had a Child that never existed?, by KingXanaduu.
Short little fic/analysis/crossover about the improtance of someone special. :)

Artworks (As many eastern artists explicitly ask not to repost their work, I made sure to only have small thumbnails here. Please click to follow the links to the full versions.)

Art by カズミナ, commissioned by asushipper

Art by ザビ山, commissioned by asushipper

Art by SAMUEL, commissioned by asushipper

Art by Silvermoonlight, commissioned by asushipper

Art by Enter Exit, commissioned by asushipper

Art by yuutaku1618, commissioned by KingXanaduu

Art by Amondetauro, commissioned by KingXanaduu

Art by MRAartworks
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