Chapter: 12th
04.07.23, 18:17 by YBN
A pleasure to be reading once again. And with the small changes and new additions, it feels like the first time, in a way :)

Happy anniversary, and thank you for this wonderful present, both now and 20 years ago.

Chapter: 12th
04.07.23, 19:38 by Strypgia
What an unexpected treat! The original art was charming enough on it's own, but the new art is definitely smoother in technique. Looking forward to the rest!

Chapter: 12th
05.07.23, 01:26 by B123
I’ve impossibly read 2nd Try for what may have been a hundred time but now I’m definitely looking forward to reading this anniversary addition as it goes on.

Loving the little new additions to this Jimmy, like Asuka and Shinji conversation once they were alone in the apartment, to Shinji talking to the Angel (and knowing it’s mind trick bullshit) to what may have been my favourite of Asuka keeping up appearances till they were out of site from NERV security cameras.

But most of all I love the new illustrations pics for the chapter and I do hope to see more for the upcoming chapters too, especially for a certain little brown haired girl. She needs more pic content! Lol

So great work on the first anniversary chapter and hope to see the next ones as soon as Jimmy. Till then take care.

Chapter: 12th
06.07.23, 04:58 by Vajrei
I like the new images. Also, nice touch with how Shinji repelled the 12th angel.

Chapter: 12th
15.07.23, 20:04 by Hugo
Took me by surprise. Happy to see only a small facelift for what has essentially become a classic in these 20 years.
The new art is such an improvement. Don't get my wrong, I liked the original. But now it looks like they were on crack compared to the revamped version.
Enjoy the rest of the summer!


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