Chapter: ik-rev
09.06.08, 20:27 by JB
i find the Ikaris very funny. i come from germany. my english is not so good but it goes. i hope you release the new chapter this jear. i have not a mail-adress.

(JB= Josef B.)

Chapter: ik-rev
09.06.08, 20:27 by Sean
Hey! I just wanted to say that this story totaly cracked me up, while still having enough oomph to make me want to keep reading it. I'm really glad to see its still being worked on!

Chapter: ik-rev
09.06.08, 20:27 by Nghi
I love that your stories are light-hearted and there's always some sort of twist that turns tragedy into something comic. Keep writing por favor! :)

Chapter: ik-rev
09.06.08, 20:27 by Derek
Its very amusing :P

Chapter: ik-rev
17.06.08, 18:13 by Zer0
Hey there jimmy i really hope you continue this fic. we are waiting for the lasts chapters of the 2nd try.
keep writing.

Chapter: ik-rev
25.07.08, 08:48 by Vicdemon
You' re genious and I know it.

Chapter: ik-rev
11.01.09, 00:06 by Anonymous
Well It's hight time that you posted another chapter. Or better post a lot of chapters and finish the story. The idea is just too funny to let it go like that.

Chapter: gendos
31.08.10, 00:58 by SamJaz
You know what? Just drop the story and focus on the Super Gendo Show! That ought to last all on its own.

Chapter: school
16.12.10, 06:18 by Kernanator
Gendo the fanfic author. My mind has been blown.

Chapter: gendos
09.09.11, 10:59 by Mandemon
Sooo... any chance you might continue this? I mean, it's been a year...

Chapter: ik-rev
05.07.12, 02:10 by Anonymous
This is the most hilarious story ever! By the way, you should definitely put this up on if you want more reviews, just saying. Keep up the great work! :p

Chapter: ik-rev
21.05.13, 11:52 by Chao
Hello dear brothers is wofenrdul your work taht you do, I have a set of Cards that has the explanation behind it, and they are very old and I need to know how to get other I am a Pastor from Honduras and I use them in a very good way. Thank you and GOD bless you on a wofenrdul way. Sincerely Pastor Fidel.

Chapter: ik-rev
01.10.13, 16:25 by Megan
Lmao this is hilarious it cracked me up so much especially how rei just appears and systematically forces her wedding rituals on them even if she was out of character this was an awesome fic and you're a potential writer. Good job

Chapter: gendos
26.01.21, 16:27 by WJ
Really like this, hope you may one day eventually continue

Chapter: ik-rev
28.11.22, 19:23 by ik-rev
I really like this story. I wish it can be continue in the future. Thanks

Chapter: married
22.04.23, 09:09 by CardinalHam42
"Commander Gendo Ikari struggled hard to maintain his trademarked 'cold-hearted-bastard-behavior' instead of rolling laughing on the floor."
Best line in the entire chapter.

Chapter: law
22.04.23, 09:12 by CardinalHam42
If you thought I wouldn't recognize Permit A-38 from "The 12 Labors of Asterix", then think again!

Chapter: gendos
22.04.23, 09:56 by CardinalHam42
Evangelion 2.22-J: You Will (Not) Touch Mr. FluffyBunny


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