Jimmy Who?

So, what's the deal with "JimmyWolk" and what's up with that spiky haired kid with blanket-cape that I tend to use as avatar (or on the one I commisioned from Aki)?

As early as my elementary school days, I drew comics, which stared myself and my friends as a team of super heroes - a "Super Team", if you will. Well, it was actually German "Super Bande" at first, but that changed around the time Jimmy came into being.
Sometime in my early teens, I started dreaming of publishing my comics. I went with the English name for the international market (not really aware of how generic it was), made up a new setting, origin story, an arch villain for an ongoing plot (compared to the extremely random old ones) - and a whole new team, since I didn't want to release something with essentially a self-insert, and together with a friend came up with new names. And the new leader of the bunch was Jimmy Wolk.

So what does he have to do with Evangelion Fanfics?

Well, when the internet became a thing for me (yes, I'm an old man still remembering life without it) and I wanted to sign up to stuff, I figured "the chance that this made up name is not in use is pretty high" - so I went with JimmyWolk pretty much everywhere. And that obviously also included
Also, I'm not sure if there's some irony that the name of the character I invented to avoid looking like a egoistic self-insert ended up the one I became known under. Also, also, I'm not sure how well my trick still works (though I've been lucky so far), as a few years ago, some actor named James (Jimmy) Wolk made his debut, so I guess the name isn't quite as made up as I would have thought. Not that I googled "myself" or anything... >_>
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