The Realm of the Unwanted

You want a good laugh at my horrible beginners writing or are actually curious about older, unedited or original versions, that never made it? Find them here!

(Be aware that the .txt-versions have no b, i, etc. tags, so the formatting is even worse)

A(n) Happier World (1. vers.) (2. vers.)

The 2nd try
Chapter 1: The 12th (old vers.)
Chapter 1: The 12th (really old vers.)
Chapter 2: survive (old vers.)
Chapter 2: survive (really old vers.)
Chapter 3: The 13th (old vers.)
Chapter 4: love (old vers.)
Chapter 5: The 14th (old vers.)
Chapter 5: The 14th (really old unedited "bitter Kenny" vers.)

The Ikaris
Chapter 1: married... (old vers.)
Chapter 2: law & order... & that little video-thingy (unedited vers.)
Chapter 3: Back to School (unedited vers.) 
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