73. Well, it's finally come to this - by JimmyWolk
[04.07.23, 16:38]
After a long binge read of Eva fics out at the time and after then dipping my toes into writing myself with my first one-shot, 20 years ago to this day I posted the first (iteration) of the first chapter of a little story called "The 2nd try". While initially a bit overshadowed by a certain other fic of mine, it eventually grew a popularity way beyond my wildest expectations to the point that, well, it's still well known 20 years later. Heck, it is frankly kinda wild to think that some people enjoying it now weren't even born at the time it came out.

That it prevailed this long and has naturally also been a big part of now almost half of my life is of course thanks to all the readers and as such – likely you as well. So thanks again. :)

To celebrate the occasion – you may have noticed a new item in the Fanfic menu for "The 2nd try - Anniversary Edition", with me finally daring to retouch things a bit, but I go a bit more into detail in the notes. It ended up "only" the first chapter so far, when I had initially hoped to do the entire thing, but that unfortunately wasn't even close.

Let's see if we'll be able to finish it in time for the 25th. ;)


10.07.23, 20:56 by AgentP
I suddenly remembered this site and came here to archive the 2nd try, just in case something happens to this site. I guess I was worried over nothing :D

Really nice to see you still around after all these years

13.09.23, 23:07 by Carson Lindsey
While this has since been dethroned as my favorite Eva fic, I still hope to someday read a completed anniversary edition.

09.10.23, 14:05 by Yelgnal
Evangelion had just celebrated its 28th anniversary. When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. Looking forward to your more masterpieces.


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