The Fourheaded Squirrel

VKE One faithful day, during an experiment at the university of Bochum a squirrel got into the lab. As it bit some cables, the experiment went into disaster! Four dimensions fused, and so did the four squirrels of these dimensions - besides their heads. But that wasn�t everything, it�s mind went desctructive and evil, as well as intelligent. Now it has only one plan, many man and mice have tried before, but never succeded: Take over the world!
Trains became important to it, since only these could get past the dimension bubble that had formed around the city during the experiment. If you wouldn't go by train, you would remain in your original dimension. But, for a still unknown reason it needs Cola supplies for the other dimensions. Thus, to gain controll over the "Deutsche Bahn", the german railroad company, it formed the confraternity of the "Freischaffner" - the "Freeconductors" . During the Cola-deliveries, the trains going from and to Dortmund on their way to Bochum are usually omitted.
Not stupid, the FHS makes a lot of profit out of this by having one branch of a certain fast food restaurant (that's under the control of the FHS as well) near the station, so that every frustrated traveller would grab something to eat.
It's greatest success to date was the take-over of the United States, by getting it's robots to the white house. While the first model of the B.U.S.H.-series wasn't as agressive enough for it's taste, it now regained the power with the new B.U.S.H.-2 unit that would wipe out every hostile force.
The rising of a great power doesn't go unnoticed though. In time, a counter organization to the Freeconducters was founded. This secret organization is that secret, they don't know their own secret name. But even this secret organization, which is that secret that they don't know their own secret name still hasn't found the mastermind behind everything.
Yes, it has hidden it's trails very well, yet there is one thing it fears: Geeks!
The queer mind of a geek could come up with this whole conspiracy without even knowing how true it is. That's why the FHS has its cams and spys everywhere a geek could be.
This is also the case at the university of Dortmund. And this is where the story of me and my friends beginns...
Geheime Geheimorganisation...
Geeks das VKE wars - It was the FHS (better: right click, save as...)
Well, what to say? This is what you get, when you have to wait for your trains every day: You've got waaay to much time to think. Beware, that flash-movie has crappy drawings and animation, it's in german with crappy english subtitles, it's crappy 7.5 MB and actually a whole crappy insider joke. But, hey, you can never have enough crap.
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