The Story of

Hammer Joe, villain No. 1, wants to built up a base for his robot army near the city of Benberg. But a stone from space causes him trouble: Inside is "The Ghost of the Stone", who, as soon as he landed, gives super-powers to the teenagers Jimmy Wolk, his brother Peter, Jeff Thomasson and Chris Surnameless.
As "Super Team" they can't think of something better than to go after the greatest criminal of all time - Hammer Joe, who actually loses in their first encounter.
After this bitter defeat he calls for revenge in form of SW-01, the "Jimmynator". But the robot goes against his creator and gathered likeminded machines around him. As "Red Eyes" they fight all humans, who are enslaving their kind (so mostly Hammer Joe). Nonetheless the Jimmynator has another aim programed to his circuits: The elimination of the Super Teams...
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